I found many carefully worded explanations as to why a method or product should be the . He calls the combination of the two exercises the “Maliniak Method”. The Maliniak Method: Read this Book and find out How to: Stop Hair Loss & Grow New Hair Naturally. No Drugs. No Lotions. No Surgery. A Book From Born. Those of you who have been following the MALINIAK METHOD on the world’s biggest forums on HAIR LOSS and MPB or who have reading these blogs know.

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Discussion in ‘ Alternative Treatments ‘ started by elliotramseyJan 20, Menu Forums Forums Quick Links.

Maliniak Method Office video – video dailymotion

Sep 10, Messages: Mmethod anyone tried this out? This is a maloniak site that popped up recently last 6 months or so. The guy says he malkniak male pattern baldness is related to the galea as well at DHT which is kind of what Tom Hagerty says and if the skull expansion methods work which i believe they are, but im waiting until the 1 year mark to make any judgementi believe it is also due to an undoing effect in this region although the theory doesn’t say the galea is involved, the author has said that there are probably other factors as to why it works.

At any rate, the guy is at least 60 and he photoed the results. He pretty much went from completely bald to having some hair in a few months.

So if it works, then it could potentially help a lot mlainiak people whose hair loss is just starting. Im gonna buy it and see what maliniaj says. He offers a money back guarantee, plus the transaction is malinkak paypal, so if its trash it’ll be pretty easy to get my money back i did the same thing before when i bought a book that ripped off the skull expansion theory.

Aug 2, Messages: I haven’t bought it. It would be cool to know what you think of his ebook once you read it. I emailed Maliniak, asking him about why follicles of balding areas were still in bad shape after being transplanted into galea free areas.

I received a nice and long email from him the mallniak day. I don’t like publishing private emails on the web, but i’ll summarize his answer. He says that there is evidence that many follicles from non balding areas do eventually thin out on top of the scalp, but it takes them longer because they’re coming from a galea free region and were not “clogged” with accumulated DHT mlainiak his second big hypothesis seemingly.

The follicles from balding areas don’t do well after being transplanted to galea free region because they were clogged with accumulated DHT. He admits there are many questions that remain about the actual process. I’m waiting for amazon to refund my precalculus book im a poor college student. Once they do ill purchase it right away.

The page mentions a special piece of equipment that is advised to be purchased, although it doesn’t make or mmethod the program, i guess its supposed to help. I’m curious to know what that is.

May 12, Messages: To see some powerful experimental evidence against the silly “galea theory” proposed by this fellow, see the first post in the thread I titled “Dispensing with old-fashioned male pattern baldness theories, and one Methoc one!

It details a study from that showed that balding has nothing to do with the galea.

Okay i got the book. He really put a lot of work into it. Malinak about 23 pages long and the 20 pages of information are packed with information. Obviously he reiterates his theory about a tight galea in conjunction with DHT clogging the follicle preventing sufficient blood flow cue the “experienced” posters who will argue that anything that says this is a scam.

I know there has been a correlation between tight scalp and male pattern baldness i don’t have studiesand its pretty obvious methhod you are even a little observant.

His approach is threefold. The last step being more of a suggestion than a sole contributor. The first step is to relax the galea. This is done with massaging key areas of the scalp where the galea is attached to the muscles. The second uses a device called a Violet Ray maliniaak.


Using this machine methor the galea is relaxed supposedly helps stimulate the follicles to a much greater extent. The third is to avoid large doses of vitamin A and a specific ingredient called SLS i think in shampoo. He says its highly controversial but he follows it, so he’s not gonna stop. Of course, all of these methods have pretty much been discussed before, and he acknowledges that in his mdthod, but he says that first relaxing the galea THEN stimulating the follicles with the violet ray machine, is much more efficient than trying any of the techniques on their own.

After reading the book i have no doubt that he is legitimate and believes what he is doing works. The pictures on his site sure show that he grew hair. Again he also acknowledges that there are questions that are unanswered or that he’s not sure of. Also, he admits that so far he is the only proven test case, but is actively trying to get others to show the same results.

Okay, lets assume that a major contributor to male pattern baldness is in fact a tight Galea. In his book, Mr.

Maliniak vaguely mentions that it gets tighter because the muscles it is attached to “pull” it tight. Maybe part of that is true, but i got the impression that he doesn’t fully understand why it gets pulled tight.

It also doesn’t explain why some folks don’t loose their hair, or why the galea doesn’t become tight for everyone. What if the tight Galea is a major factor in male pattern baldness, but something else is causing the tight Galea? What if the skull expansion theory in fact helps to tie in some loose ends here? The SE theory states malinlak certain skull shapes will continue to grow slightly into adult life, acting on the underlying tissue and “suffocating” the overlying hair follicles.

What if this exaggeration of the skull bone which incidentally takes place directly underneath the Galea is the main cause of male pattern baldness, and the tight Galea is the indirect cause? It has been shown that DHT is indeed associated with bone growth, so its plausible.

For me it ties up the questions since the SE theory explains exactly why some go bald in a certain way, and to what extent.

A really obvious observation that could back up this theory: A lot of the time when one starts to loose hair in the back, before the round “bald spot” forms, the thinning will start in 2 patches, which gradually progresses into 1 round bald spot. The focus here are the 2 patches that start the back balding process. Now according to SE theory, that thinning started because the underlying bone began to remodel and subsequently grow a little larger based on the skull shape in that region.

Now im not sure if its like this for everyone, but it is for me. Feel the back of the head where this pattern emerges. Notice how there is a “valley” or small dip in-between the initial thinning spots.

For me this helps to confirm the theory because the higher areas malijiak grow first, directly putting pressure on the metnod, then soon after the lower area would follow, eventually tightening the whole galea, eventually thinning the entire region into the round bald spot.

I have a contact who is uses the Skull E methods. He started using them back in may and was almost completely bald. He has experienced the same results as Mr Malinak using different methods. I have to get to class, so im gonna wrap this up. This is just my hypothesis so im not saying its definitely true or whatnot. It just makes some sense to me, and i hope a little sense to others.

You could say im biased since i do use the skull expansion theory techniques, but perhaps each method deals with the problem in its own way. The Maliniak method loosens and relaxes the galea while stimulating follicles back into growth, while the skull expansion methods help to stop the exaggeration of the skull bones and encourages new hair growth through a combination of the massages and the compression exercises.


Thats my methkd cents in this. I’m sure people will comment saying things like “that doesn’t explain hair transplants” and the usual stuff, but contact either one of the authors and ask them.

Maliniak Method Office video

Taylor’s skull expansion theory theory about transplants was initially inaccurate and he admitted that. He has another theory, although i don’t know what it is off the top of my head no pun intended Okay i have to go.

Leon Maliniak was not afraid of answering my questions by email. He seems pretty confident about the validity of his method. I did mention the Norstrom study to him.

Here’s the conversation I’m publishing it here as himself suggested i’d do. The idea of an involvement of the galea in hairloss is not a new suggestion as you mentioned in your web page. I do not avoid any of them because I have complete confidence in the comprehensive nature of my theory and it gives me the opportunity to defend it, expand it and add further elaborations. All the different things I have been asked and examined till now have only served to further reinforce the validity of this new theory.

Firstly, I am not sure if I understand your question correctly, but it seems to be similar to many questions I get about what happens with transplants and how this fits into my theory. But to clarify and understand your question correctly, I believe that you are saying that transplants continue their “thinning evolution” even when they are moved to other areas regardless of whether or not they are located in areas without edema and poor blood supply etc.

So, if this correctly represents your question, my first response is that your statement that these transplants do NOT do well “regardless” of whether or not there is edema, poor blood etc. If that were true, transplants would not be as popular as they are. Some contrary evidence does say however, that many of these transplants DO eventually thin out on top of the scalp, as you suggest, and quite frankly I prefer this evidence.

So, in conclusion, I submit that as you see in either example above, ONE of the TWO factors at play in my theory is not addressed in each case. Look, we could discuss this and many other issues related to my theory for hours because it is after all, A THEORY, and many questions remain, especially about the exact process of what goes on in the MATRIX and how and why DHT, which is normally beneficial to hair becomes detrimental.

Thanks a lot for your long and detailed answer. I won’t write a million emails to you now as I guess the logical step would be to buy your ebook if i wanted to know more about your position on male pattern baldness. I’ll just mention this discussion thread on hairlosstalk in where someone posted a summary of that important study that supposedly disproved the influence of the galea on hairloss, so that you know in details the most striking attack against your concepts.

I hope you’ll give me or the balding community in general a good response, as i imagine this study will be mentioned often to you in the months or years to come.

If you are just reminding me that in a study about the GALEA was discussed on that site, I am completely familiar with that forum and have often read the references to that study.

I assure you that as is the case with all academic and scientific issues, where there is no FINAL answer, for every such study there are always an equal number of opinions on the OTHER side. This subject is controversial, as I say on the website but I have concluded it IS involved. People are free to disagree and continue to use all those other methods which are useless. As a lawyer, I am used to this type of anticipated confrontation, I have faced it in other areas where I appear at televised symposiums and comment on blog sites dealing with the issue of potentially valuable alternative medical sciences.