manual. All other servicing should be referred to the Mackie Service. Department. M. S. S. 6 Mono Channels. 2 Mono/Stereo Channels. Get Mackie M PDF manuals and user guides, View all Mackie M manuals . Add to My Manuals Save this manual to your list of manuals. Get all the support information you want including manuals, spec sheets and other docs. We take pride in our award-winning owner’s manuals!.

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Hopefully I can make some headway today on this today. Kinda rode hard and put away wet This Mackie product has been dropped, Tape out RCA 2.

Mackie M Service Manual

It came from Florida and its in mackif of a good cleaning. I was trying to find a way to run one sub aux from the Mackie but not sure that can be done -unless someone can tell me how.

Have your name, shipping address no P. I would keep left to left and right to right – no?. After reading the manual, I think it should work.

Mzckie you can attenuate the signal being fed into the sub, but that affects the sub as well as the tops. I have hosted a “musician’s jam”, where the loudest guys on the island played they were thru guitar ampsand the S and all the PA gear kept up with them with ease.

You don’t want to set the eq sliders too hot. Your are throughing stuff away Janual I’m stuggling with now is that the signal from the Mackie m PA is not giving a good representation of the vocals tone. View the Media Kit. Then just use the Mackie main outs.


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Results 1 to 6 of 6. Hi Bruce, I appreciate the comment but I am a little confused as to what you are suggesting.

Also, the comment on not EQ’ing too much. It dawned on me that we run the EQ pretty sterile so as to cut through the wall of sound we produce. The Yorkville I recently got recommends setting the Master volume at out of 10 and bring up the individual channels to where you want the volume to be on our system that ranges from about depending on instrument or vocal mic, singer strength etc. Mackie M Schematic Here you are. It sounds like it worked for your friend so I am sure I’ll have no problems.

I suspect it is a preamp section problem Logged A young maciie says to his mother, “Mom, when I grow up I’m going to be a musician. You are correct, no Y cord needed from the sub. We play some outdoor venues, and most clubs are open-air here. I suppose you ought to determine this first. Before reading this forum, we’d blindly make the ole’ “smiley curve” because that was what we saw everybody else doing, not really knowing why.

We are having some trouble getting clean head-room out of ou Mackie s Try to stay somewhat flat with slight boosts and cuts on the main eq. Come out of the output A making sure the HPF switch is engaged. I tried upping maclie master and lowering the channels and it did help alot. Best connection from Mackie PA to H4n?


Did you set the “trims” as suggested in the Mackie owner’s manual Include a legible note stating your powered mixer’s Keep this owner’s manual. I will be there – it is his community block party. I usually have the master volume about have way up, and the channels at around 3 o’clock.

Participate in the discussion. And we won’t know until you ask them. I have not had a chance to really dig in to this these are just preliminary findings its had a rough life many pots in the master section are needing replacement. I use this method at every gig now. Most of the time is too much!

If the light comes on every now and then it’s OK, but not every few seconds. I just had a friend of mine ask me about practically the same setup. We seem to get a cleaner sound this way. FXLR wired to 1 ea. If you want more headroom turn down both Mackie Loud Technologies mwckie probably has the potentiometers.

I think the Mackie manual says that the yellow clip light shoud be on most of the time, someone told me they act a little differant then the normal peek lights mxnual other mixers.