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LEY GESTIÓN INTEGRAL DE RESIDUOS INDUSTRIALES Y DE ACTIVIDADES DE SERVICIOS Objetivo + Definiciones Establecen los presupuestos. , p. 6. HONORABLE CONGRESODE LA NACIONARGENTI- NA. Ley Gestion integral de residuos industriales regimen legal. En: Boletín Oficial . materias primas auxiliares Tratamientos de eliminación Deposito de seguridad Incineración Parametros Caracteristicas Normatividad R /15 Ley

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Chapter Chapter provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences. Find on fn page: Sulfadimethoxine in the treatment of surgical infections A preliminary report. Sulfadimethoxine in upper respiratory infections. Sulfadimethoxine in urinary tract infections In Recent contributions to antibacterial therapy.

Sulfadimetoxine in the treatment of leprosy. Interpretations of human blood level concentrations following oral doses. Distribution and disappearance from the tissues following intravenous injection. Kinetics of absorption, distribution and excretion. e

Sulfaethylthiadiazole In vitro and in vivo evaluation. Sulfaguanidine absorption and excretion following low oral maintenance doses in man.

Residuos industriales | Mind Map

Sulfaguanidine as a prophylactic during the period of acquirement of resistance by chickens to cecal coccidiosis. Sulfaguanidine in the treatment of avian coccidiosis. Sulfaguanidine in the treatment of bacillary dysentery. Sulfaguanidine in the treatment of bloody flux. Sulfaguanidine in the treatment of dysentery in children. Sulfaguanidine in the treatment of infectious enteritis in swine. Sulfaguanidine in the treatment of proctitis due to lymphogranuloma venereum Report of six cases.

Sulfaguanidine therapy in experimental bovine coccidiosis. Sulfaiodines their properties and bactericidal effects.

Sulfalene anti infect therapy using minimal doses abstract from clin ter 42 6 sept 30 human respiratory infections. Sulfalumin sobre los parasitos del Paludismo experimental de los polios, P gallinaceum. Sulfamerazine II Sulfonamide concentrations in the blood of man produced by small, daily, oral doses of sulfamerazine, sulfadiazine, sulfamethazine, and sulfathiazole.

Sulfamerazine III The comparative activity of sulfamerazine, sulfadiazine and sulfapyridine in the production of hemolytic anemia in the mouse. Sulfamerazine and sodium sulfamerazine as therapeutic agents in cattle. Sulfamerazine and sulfa-methazine blood levels in turkeys. Sulfamerazine for the treatment of infections in cattle; a clinical report. Sulfamerazine in the control of columnaris in steelhead trout.


Sulfamerazine in the treatment of fowl cholera in turkeys. Sulfamerazine in the treatment of genitourinary infections. Sulfamerazine in the treatment of pneumococcal lobar pneumonia An analysis of cases.

Sulfamerazine in the treatment of pullorum disease. Sulfamerazine in the treatment of trout for furunculosis and ulcer disease. Sulfamerazine A clinical study of pneumonia patients.

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Sulfamethazine and sulfadiazine treatment in caecal coccidiosis of chickens. Sulfamethazine blood concentrations in calves.

Sulfamethazine blood concentrations in horses. Sulfamethazine blood concentrations in swine.

Sulfamethazine blood concentrations of sheep. Sulfamethazine in the treatment of induced and natural Eimeria tenella infections. Enn treatment of cecal coc-cidiosis. Sulfamethoxazole in -hemolytic strepto-coccal infection. Sulfamethoxy pyrimidine bayrena in hens pharmacological study compared to sulfamethoxy pyridazine kynex.

Sulfamethoxypyrazine in the treatment of urinary-tract infections. Sulfamethoxypyridazine in mycetoma due to Nocardia infection.

Sulfamethoxypyridazine in the treatment of leprosy. Sulfamethoxypyridazine, a long-acting sulfonamide: Sulfamethoxypyridazine, a new long-acting sulfonamide; a study of blood levels in adults with different dose schedules.

Sulfamethylthiazol A report of its clinical use in Staphylococcus septicemia with apparent success Report of animal experiment. Sulfamic acid as a nitrogen source for microorganisms. Sulfamida local en las heridas por accidentes de trabajo.

Sulfamide therapy in leprosy sulfamethoxypyridazine, acetylsulfamethoxypyridazine, sulfadiamethoxine, acetylsulfamethoxypyrazine, Ro Sulfamidemias in the rabbit and guinea pig after injection of sulfamethopyrazine and its acetylated derivative.

Sulfamides as novel histone deacetylase inhibitors. Sulfamilamide in treatment of infections of the urinary tract due to Bacillus coli. Sulfamoxolea new sulfonamide, in pediatric practice. Sulfamoxole in otorhinolaryngology Analysis of a series of patients. Sulfanil-amide drug treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus. Sulfanila-mide, antipneumococcus serum and vitamin C therapy in Type II pneumococcal pneumonia of rats.

Sulfanilamid in der Behandlung von Wunden. Sulfanilamide absorption from the pouch of Douglas. Sulfanilamide acetylation as a means of coenzyme A assay in higher plants. Sulfanilamide acetylation with acetate and ethanol.

Sulfanilamide activity against Escherichia coli under anaerobic conditions. Sulfanilamide addition compounds with cinchona-alkaloids. Sulfanilamide affects normal cows unfavorably Pennsylvania. Sulfanilamide and allied compounds Their value and limitations in dermatology. Sulfanilamide and derivatives in the enteritis of the nursling.


Sulfanilamide and derivatives in the treatment of experimental tuberculosis of guinea pigs. Sulfanilamide and diaminodiphenyl-sulfone and their diacetyl derivatives in the treatment of experimental intradermal streptococcus infections of rabbits. Sulfanilamide and diazosulfanilamide in the treatment of dysentery in children. Sulfanilamide and its compounds in gastroenterology.

Sulfanilamide and neoprontosil in the treatment of trachoma. Sulfanilamide and penicillin in the pulp fluid of the dog following administration of these compounds. Sulfanilamide and prontosil in the treatment of canine distemper. Sulfanilamide and sulfapyridine in Type III lobar pneumonia of rats. Sulfanilamide and sulfapyridine in treatment of experimental B Friedlander infections of mice. Sulfanilamide and sulfapyridine in treatment of experimental B coli infections of mice.

Sulfanilamide and sulfapyridine in treatment of experimental B typhosus infections of mice.

Sulfanilamide as a prophylactic agent in rheumatic fever. Sulfanilamide compounds V Arylidine derivatives of N4-acetyl-N1- – phenyl – sulfanilamide and N1- -phenyl-sulfanilamide.

Sulfanilamide compounds VII Thiazo-line lry. Sulfanilamide concentration and distribution in blood and urine in sulfanilamide therapy for gonococcic infections in men. Sulfanilamide concentration in the blood, its relation to dose and method of administration. Sulfanilamide derivatives containing urea, thiourea or hydrazide groupings. Sulfanilamide derivatives of heterocyclic amines.

Sulfanilamide derivatives with elec-tromeric substituents at the amido nitrogen. Sulfanilamide derivatives V Constitution and properties of 2-sulfanilamidopyridine. Sulfanilamide derivatives VI Substituted N1-aliphatic sulfanilamides. Sulfanilamide excretion in human breast milk and the effect on breast-fed babies. Newman, Helen Cook, Sulfanilamide in experimental infections with streptococci from scarlet fever and erysipelas.

Sulfanilamide in experimental tuberculosis. Sulfanilamide in the treatment of acute bacillary dysentery in children. Sulfanilamide in the treatment of chancroid.

Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 25612

Sulfanilamide in the treatment of infectious anemia. Sulfanilamide in the treatment of leprosy. Sulfanilamide in the treatment of smallpox Review of cases.

Sulfanilamide in the treatment of trachoma.