EDUCATION, INDIAN EDUCATION, KOTHARI COMMISSION REPORT ON INDIAN EDUCATION. Education Commission or Kothari Commission Report entitled- Education and National Development 17members in which 5. The unique features of the Education Commission () were: In its report the commission expressed its firm belief that education is the most powerful.

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According to the commission, Social and National Integration is an important objective of a national system of education. One hundred eighty teachers both male repkrt female teaching in Social and General Science streams were taken as representative reporg of the whole population.

It is important for us to know the features that have made this commission a unique commission from other earlier commissions. It further classified the schooling as upper primary or higher primary and high school up to standard X.


In the sphere of higher education and scientific research, the report strongly urged the necessity of rooting our science on indigenous ethos and priorities, maintaining highest autonomy in academic matters in our institutions of higher education, making our universities repoet arena of high-quality teaching and research, maintaining high efficiency in the utilization of scarce resources including that of our scientific manpower, selectively encouraging certain centres of excellence so as to bring them at par with international institutions of repute and, above all, nurturing a value system in our scientific temperament, so that we draw nourishment from our xommission cultural and spiritual heritage.

The group had ten women, S. Task Force on Manpower The group had twelve members which included R. Task Force on Student Welfare The welfare aspects of the students including repotr and other measures of incentives were attended to by this group which had A.


The commission consisted of 17 members. After going through this teport, you will be able to: The Commission has kkthari suggested the reorganisation of the university stage. Among the members of the commission 5 educationists were from England, America, France, Japan and Russia. Two languages one modern Indian language and one classical or foreign language Any three subjects from a one additional language, b History c Economics d Logic e geography f psychology g sociology h art i physics j chemistry k mathematics l biology m geology n home science Art Physical education Work experience Moral studies.

A review like this is still relevant, particularly in the context of making our science, technology and innovation system more productive and socially relevant. Kothari, was appointed as the Chairman of the commission.

Kothari Commission

Professor Emeritus, London School of Economics. National Education Commissionpopularly known as Kothari Commissionwas an 196466 hoc commission set up by the Government of India to examine all aspects of the educational sector in India, to evolve a general pattern of education and to advise guidelines and policies for the development of education in India.

Rector, Jadavpur UniversityCalcutta.

In such a situation one of the main functions of education is to keep pace with this advancement of knowledge. Naik along with A. How has the Education Commission of viewed education as a means of national development? Report of the Education Commission, – Vol I: Panandikar Roger Revelle K. Gopalaswami, Abdul Qadir, K.

Radhakrishnan Commission in unit 2which deals with university education and Secondary Education Commission in unit 3, confined to secondary education only. Remote access to EBSCO’s databases is permitted to patrons of subscribing institutions accessing from remote locations for personal, non-commercial use.


Education and Modernization 4. Identify the objectives of the Commission. Kothari and the commission secretary, J. Two sets of curricula were prescribed, one at state level and one at the national level and the schools were recommended to experiment with the curriculum.

An attitude scale was used for collecting the data. We have already discussed about the two commissions, i.

Kothari Commission – Wikipedia

The commissoin had sixteen members including the associate secretary, J. Saiyidain, Sohan Singh and group secretary, S. Appointment of the Commission 1. Kothari iv 29th June; v 19, four.

Daulat Singh KothariChairman [J. Higher secondary education should be fixed for two years and degree course should be for three years.

Howes, Nauhria Ram and Olive 1. Working Group on Educational Commissio The group provided the statistical tools for the commission and had J. Wadiwa and the secretary of the group, Gurbax Singh were the members.

Therefore, it is also known as the Kothari Commission. But as education remains the common quest of mankind, it was found profitable commission draw upon the experience and thinking of educationists and scientists from other countries and to take advantage of the latest developments in the educationally advanced countries.

Secondary schools should be of two types: