– Buy Kaashi Khandam book online at best prices in india on Amazon. in. Read Kaashi Khandam book reviews & author details and more at. కాశీ కాండం காஶீ காஂடஂ ಕಾಶೀ ಕಾಂಡಂ કાશી કાંડં কাশী কাংডং କାଶୀ କାଂଡଂ കാശീ കാംഡം. list of all Kasi Kandam stotrams below. from three of the important dynasties, authored Srhgara Naisadham, KaSi- khandam, Bhima-khandam and Palnati- vlra Caritram (a ballad in native metre).

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Ayyappa Deeksha 4 parts. Gunanidhi is the son of devout parents Yagnadutta and Somidamma. Kotte Venkatachari’splay titled Gunanidhi’a character found in 15th century poet Srinadha’s masterpiece Kasi Khandam’, was staged by C.

Rewards after death

Kashi images Kashi Vishwanatha temple Timings: Gopi and Narala Ramareddy Read more. Kollywood Actors Famous In Tollywood. Salvachari was Kqsi Verma, the king A. Please Email the Editor.

This constellation appears as a group of six stars in the firmament in the shape of a pendant from the ear. The serial has been made under the Ananya productions. Srinivasa Rao gave a laudable performance in the main role of Gunanidhi.

Saptagiri Express Movie Review. Brahmasri Chaganti Koteswara Rao gari pravachanalu. Mani Karnika Ghat — Do bathe at 12 pm 9. Shiva Mahima 1 part. Kalamandir at Thyagaraya Ganasabha recently.


Dashashwamedha Ghat — Rudra Sarovara Teertham. He is therefore called Karthikeyathe incarnation of lord Shiva as his second son after lord Ganesha. As a grown up, he becomes the cause of their troubles. All audio files on this site are highly compressed for faster downloads. Sri Katyayani Vaibhavam 5 parts. Murthy as gambler, Visaradudu and Ramalakshmi as Khandak and the harlot played their parts well.

Pavankumar and Vanam Sankariah were Sivabaludu and Karaludu respectively. Durga Vaibhavam 3 parts. Many legends and lyrical poetry have grown round this star. He seeks solace inside a shiva temple where he eventually breathes his last. Narayana ReddyM.

He was author of ‘Andhra Maha Bhagavathamu’, the crown jewel of Telugu khandaj. November 13, at 5: The show helped many people and also taught then the various lessons of life.


Gadiraju Keshava Rao Screenplay: Uh, Uh, Ha Allow me to introduce my self; Want you to come a little closer; I’d like you to get to know me a little better The work has become a part of the Andhra cultural life and is also used by ” puppeteers for their shows “. Subramanya Vaibhavam 4 parts. Srinadhudu was the Chief Education Officer in the court of king Pedakomati Vema Reddy of Kondaveeti kingdom and enjoyed rich sensual and worldly pleasures for eighteen years.

The six stars are considered in Indian mythology as the six celestial nymphs who reared the six babies in the saravana tank which later were joined together to form the six faced Muruga. November 13, at 8: Parvathi Kalyanam 12 parts. How to reach Kashi: Asi Ghat — Haridwar Teertham 2. Feedback Download Infomation Download for free!!



Developed by LexusThemes Team. Shiva Tatvam 2 parts. The format of the serial also included that if the viewers face any problem and want to discuss the same with him, then they could call him live on the show and then he would give a solution to that problem.

skanda puranam (eBook) eBook |

F Sri Chakreshwara Swamy temples. Ekadasi Vratha Mahatyam 1 part. Sri Venkateswara Vaibhavam 16 parts. Venugopalachari’s musical support was a real guide for the singers to shift into different ragas. The music score by Chellapilla Kgandam are memorable. Contact Us You can get in touch with us by e-mail.

Ardhanareeswara Stotram 15 parts. The opening episode of the serial was telecasted on 26 October Pancha Ganga Ghat — Bindu Madhava temple 5. Thus the format of the show is that Krishna Rao not only acts as a host but also the speaker of the series.