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Entries are alphabetized without regard to marks or blank spaces intervening between letters within a citation: Infixed forms of this type are cited only as cross references to the root form. In the infrequent cases keama there are different meanings in different social styles for the same word, these are separated into numbered glosses: Javanese and English often use quite different.

Allah God; massa the masses. Kewan cilik-cilik small animals. Prefixes Lamus Entering into Circumfixation, xxi; 1. Diacritical marks accents and subdots are also disregarded except where citations are otherwise identical, and in such cases the order is as shown above. Page Title of mongosilakan. We provide SEO solutions including submission services, link building and social media marketing for guaranteed top ranking in search engines.

“Daftar Kata / Istilah”

L also has a corresponding heavy variety, conventionally spelled either l, lh, or hl. Without his help, this dictionary would never have come into existence. A small subdivision of ki vocabulary is Krama Andhap kahumble Krama Inggil, used when speaking “upward” to an exalted person.

Educated urban speakers use Indonesian alongside of Javanese as required by the occasion-mainly, in all official situations, or in social situations where non-Javanese Indonesians are present, or even with other Javanese whom they do not know well and hesitate to address in the socially stratified lexicon of Javanese.


In general, the Javanese informalize words by shortening them from the beginning. Remen sanget saged nderek dados kulawarga Detik form, lan saget tetepangan, tumut sekedhik,urun-urun rembug ngagem basa jawi.

In loan words spelled with initial str- three-consonant syllable initials occur.

Moreover, when root final h comes before suffix -a or -an, the h which tend s not to be pronounced between vowels in normal speech is very often replaced in writing – following the pronunciation – by the same y or w:. In special cases, both are cited. Saya amati thread ini banyak yang mengunjungi, tetapi belum ada yang mencoba berkomentar. Unknown or Invalid Region. Since the affixes are all defined in the dictionary, they are not detailed here. Similarly, raos feel; taste kr for RASA gives quick-reference glosses showing that in both the meanings ‘feel’ and ‘taste’ raos is Krama for rasa.

Rufus Hendon of Yale University generously made available the Javanese publications he had brought back from Java. The modern trend is to drop the w from the initial clusters wl- and wr- and so we cite such words most often under L and R giving the w- form as a variant. The meaning of a new one can be figured out easily by referring to the definitions of these suffixes, meanings 1 and 2 in each case.

The chief kamuus affecting conventional Javanese orthography are that dj becomes j, j becomes y, and tj becomes c. I have not endeavored to include more than a sprinkling of technical terms from such highly specialized fields ihggil wayang, batik making, and agriculture, nor esoteric and mystic terms used in astrological and chronogrammatic reckonings.

The basic style is Ngoko abbreviated here as ng: Dalem kepingin usul,meniko ingkang sederek2 sampun fasih,nulisaken bahasa indonesia ing bawahnya hehe supaya dalem sarto lintunipun saged mangertos.


Notes Includes bibliographical references p. Research into the Javanese dialects is urgently neede, and it oamus hoped that reports on such work will soon become available.

Viral.Site Web Search

To each of these friend and colleagues Infgil express my humble thanks for their devotion to the project and their special contribution to the dictionary. Salam kenal Kraka enjang. Copyright is claimed until A word ending with May come from a root ending with- -a 1 the word minus the -a 3. Optional Initial H, xviii; 9. Since the pronunciation of i and u depends on their position in a word, they are often pronounced differently within the same word, and since these pronunciations are automatic and regular, we do not mark them with the pronunciation showing devices in citation forms:.

Bahasa Jawa Kromo Inggil – DetikForum

Homonyms are grouped as single entries unless it is preferable to separate them for clarity or for simplicity of listing, as for example with aku a and aku bwhich have different Krama equivalent, or with ing aing- band -ing cwhich are preposition, prefix, and suffix respectively.

Manuk-manuk kang sabane ing banyu all kinds of water birds.

Initial Cluster vs Initial Split Cluster, xvi; 9. Don’t make the sauce too hot! The reader should also be on the lookout for the spelling h alternating with w, which occurs not infrequently in this type of word: Initial W l- and W r- xvi; 9.