The Plains of Passage has ratings and reviews. The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel The Valley of Horses by Jean M. Auel The Mammoth . Автор: Auel Jean, Книга: The Plains of Passage, Серия: Earth Children, Жанр: история. The Plains of Passage. Edit · Classic editor · History · Talk (0) .. References Edit. ↑ Map of The Ukraine from the book ‘The Mammoth Hunters’ by Jean Auel.

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Looking forward to book 5!

We can take what we want, and leave the rest for them. Besides providing them passate so much of what was necessary for existence — meat, fat, hides, wool for fibers and cordage, ivory for tools and carvings, bones for dwellings and even fuel — mammoth hunts had deep spiritual meaning to them.

The Plains of Passage

But mammoths ranged over such large territories that they had evolved an additional way to communicate that they were ready for mating. Well, l Let’s start saying that I loved the first three books of this serie.

When it was just his brother and him, it didn’t matter too much. Just looking at you. He also wanted the two lame boys to learn a skill.

Below, closer to the flowing water, an oxbow lake was drying into a marsh. Although I agree with most people on the redundant quality of the descriptions presented here, I have to admit, it was necessary.


View all ov comments. It is also really sweet to see Wolf with the various children.

The Plains of Passage – Wikipedia

First of all I have the feeling that whole text passages are just ‘copy-pasted’ from a previous book s into this one, because in my opinion there is a lot of repetition.

Newer rock had formed on the ancient massif, but outcrops of the original mountains still pierced the plaons crust. I think you will like my people, and they will like you.

Very low-pitched sounds do not die out across long distances the way higher tones do, and the deep rumbling calls that were made only then, carried for miles across the vast plains. She passed it by o well. She bolted awake, only to discover that the rain had progressed to a heavy downpour.

There is land to the north of it, but no one ever goes that way. Jondalar watched the flames dancing over the blackened sticks of wood, leaping and cavorting in their short-lived joy as they beat back the encroaching dark.

Ardemun was captured by the S’Armunai many years ago. They spread open their sleeping furs, laying them out the long way of the oval, which left just enough room to fit their pack baskets and other belongings along the sides, and Wolf at their feet if the weather was bad. However, the passwge ends with perhaps the biggest intentional, open ended, non-ending of an ending. I’m going to have to find more along the way to make sure I don’t have a baby, especially being with Jondalar so much.


A fleeting picture of the big russet bull, with his long, curved organ, flashed through her mind. Ayla reached for her sling, wrapped around her head across her forehead. She told me long before I left that I wasn’t Clan, though I couldn’t remember anyone or anything except living with them. His hearth son, Doraldohad been killed by flatheads, and he harbored an intense, irrational hatred of them.

I will keep drinking Iza’s tea every morning, and I won’t say anything. Lapping water didn’t seem to help much. She didn’t hear pssage own breath coming faster, or the cries of pleasure she made, but Jondalar did. There were several places they could have stopped for the night but, consulting the map often, Jondalar was looking for a campsite that Talut had indicated. All the fascinating unseen before tools and weapons, to abide jsan the constant harsh atmosphere, of the land of the blue glaciersjust to see another sunrise, no place for the weak.

She was feeling a strange mixture of dread and excitement. Even in ordinary circumstances, mammoths often communicated across distances with deep rumbles and calls that most people were not aware of.