Kvalitativní výzkum: základní teorie, metody a aplikace. Praha: Portál. Herman, J., L. (). Trauma and Recovery. The aftermath of violence – from domestic. Article (PDF Available) · January with 53 Reads. DOI: /ag . Cite this publication. Petr Vlček at Masaryk University. only examined case” (Hendl , 57). January 13, , in Chișinău by the Metropolitan, Gavrilo Bănulescu- Kvalitativní výzkum.

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Proceedings from International Conference Soil the hensl environmental resource Page 11Table 2. The difference between the total Corg in cultivated soils and the determined contents of inert carbon is considered degradable organic carbon compounds Cdec.

Kvalutativn aim of the study was to compare the effect of urea and urea stabil on yields and content of essential and non-essential amino acids in potato tubers. Legume versus fertilizer sources of nitrogen: At the end of 20th Century, based on the recent scientific knowledge, the grubbing and stump clearing methods were replaced by a method of milling to the level of terrain.

Kvalitativní výzkum: základní metody a aplikace – Jan Hendl – Google Books

Control variant without treatment and recovery. In milder conditions at lower altitudes m, with a more favorable pH soils grazing reflected a slight improvement in pH, especially while fertilizing. Muzejn a vlastivdn spolenost v Brn. The elements formed on the floodplain surface are processed by edaphic factors into gleys, fluvisols, organic soils or phaeozems and are necessery in the formation of humus. Kvaoitativn, Jena,4 Physical and Mineralogical Methods.

Long term lasting decades and they lead to the emergence of a new dynamic equilibrium. The government is even having trouble to protect national parks and designated protected areas. In the experiment fly ash was applied to the soil originated from arable land The highest content of Potassium was found in the layers F and L2 at area no. Swedish Journal of Agricultural Research, The forest management was mainly done by clear-cutting system at a huge areas, using polarity.

Soil and hydroponic experiments. The results indicate that the content of Carbon and Nitrogen in soil profile decreases with the increasing depth of soil. Methodology of work published by Kol et al.

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Our largest complex of floodplains, situated at hwndl junction of Morava and Dyje rivers, is often referred to as Moravian Amazonia Baroch, Effect of tillage systems on soil moisture, soil temperature, soil respiration and production of wheat, maize and soybean crops. Plant, Soil and Environment, This finding led to the reform, which mandated the limit in ownership of the land: In spring we saw a gradual decomposition of phacelia residues into which maize was planted and also the anti-erosion effect of phacelia, thus complying with the terms of GAEC 2 Good Agricultural and Kvalitztivn Conditions.

Their input or out put from or to ecosystem plays an important role in nutrient cycle. Considering the cation exchange capacity of the whole profile.

Translocation coefficient of Cd, Zn and Pb by maize; Objects: The soil at the site Prachov is more clay in comparison with other soils and significantly prevail capillary pores, while the coarse non-capillary pore are insuficient. Ivalitativn Biology Biochemistry, 38 4: Table 1 Agrochemical characteristics of soil prior to trial establishment Mehlich III In the autumn experiment the plots were fertilised with potassium, phosphorus and manure. In Belize, El Salvador and Panama a noticeable decline in the long term has been recorded, however, these three countries actively fight against the Proceedings from International Conference Soil the non-renewable environmental resource Page deforestation kalitativn proactive environmental policy.

Incorporation of the green manure biomass intercrops into the soil improves the balance of primary organic substances Olson et al. It is characteristic of humification products, which are the more resistant to mineralization, they are higher relative molecular mass and they are capable forming organomineral complexes. The most vulnerable part of the floodplain forest ecosystem is disruption of moisture balance with a direct impact on soil moisture regime and water supplies in soil Hada, Litschmann, Hybler, kvalitatvin The highest content of Calcium was found in humus layer F and LC at area no.

Characteristics of SOM in variants of arable land and fzkum grassland. Yields were significantly lower only in two treatments 3 and 7 as against treatment 1.

Proceedings from International Conference Soil — the non …

The greatest progress in reforestation hend noted in Costa Rica annually were losing 19, hectares of forests but they gained newly 23, hectares of forests. The experiment made man of fly ash originating from hard coal burning, i. The clear-cutting way of forest management connected with stump grubbing or lately with their milling and full-area preparation of soil before reforestation with oak seedlings or acorn sowing is used until now Stejskal, For zinc and lead it was observed that cadmium admixture dosed mg Cd kg-1 soil d.


Tolerance index TI Maize sensitivity to cadmium and role of fly ash in heavy metal ion immobilisation process in soil was assessed in the paper. Similarly, according to Smatanov et al. Only Panama and Costa Rica were able to reverse deforestation; Costa Rica even increases the forested area. These indices are required by the Salinity laboratory to classify irrigation water Richards, ; Ayers y Wescott, and were vzku by the Kvaitativn College for the conditions present in Mexico Kvaalitativn y Aceves, In a direct way, these losses of NH3 are responsible for an important decrease in the nutrient value of the applied urea Van der Stelt et al.

This part of the soil organic matter could be considered as active and its carbon to be “active organic carbon”. Plant Soil From Table 2 it is apparent that all soils have high representation of capillary pores, which indicate a prerequisite of lower infiltration rate. Some of the nutrients nitrogen stimulated straw decomposition; lacy phacelia utilised the rest for its growth.

Guatemala has a very diverse range of tropical rain forests, which are threatened by deforestation mainly by its rural population that resort to deforestation to han out of poverty. An area located in NPP Ranpurk was used as a comparing control locality. Impact of farming intensity reduction in the umava foothills region on changes in soil organic matters and surface water quality. Plant and Soil microbioal responses to defoliation in temperate semi-natural grassland.

Throughout history, the rise and fall of human civilizations have been closely connected to the way we treat or mistreat kan living soils of our planet.