GILGAMESH AND THE HULUPPU-TREE . Inanna tended the, tree carefully and lovingly, After ten years had passed and the tree had matured, Inanna. Directed by Molly Axtmann. With Owen Everett, Ariel Schrag, Anna Sochynsky. Enki is the patron god of music and arts. Inanna stole the power of music. Once upon a time, a tree, a huluppu, a tree –; It had been planted on the bank of the.

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The Anzu was an eagle-like, powerful bird-monster with a lion’s head. An Analysis of an Archetype. Her ane was the god Dumuzid later known as Tammuz and her sukkalor personal attendant, was the goddess Ninshubur who later became the male deity Papsukkal.

From the trunk of the tree he carved a throne for his holy sister.

Lilu demons manipulated “stormy winds,” and the lilitu could fly like a bird. In the first half, even Enki gets in trouble trying to visit the Underworld. Gilgamesh struck the serpent who could not be charmed.

From the crown of the tree Inanna fashioned a mikku [7] for Gilgamesh the hero of Inannna. Alongside her twin brother Utu later known as ShamashInanna was the enforcer of divine justice ; she destroyed Mount Ebih for having challenged her authority, unleashed her fury upon the gardener Shukaletuda after he raped her in her sleep, and tracked down the bandit woman Bilulu and killed her in unanna retribution for having murdered Dumuzid.


When she finally passes the seventh gate, she is naked. In its midst the maid Lilith tore down her house, fled t o the wastes. The always laughing, always rejoicing maid. Against Enkithe large were hurled.

Myth of the Huluppu Tree

We can only imagine what they were. As the birds began to sing at the coming of the second dawn, Inanna called to her brother Gilgamesh, saying: Another recent interpretation, by Clyde Hostetter, holds that the myth is an allegorical report of related movements of the planets Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter; [] and those of the waxing crescent Moon in the Second Millennium, beginning with the innanna equinox and concluding with hiluppu meteor shower near the end of one synodic period of Venus. Ereshkigal orders him to let Ishtar enter, but tells him to “treat her according to the ancient rites.

Thus Goddess and Hero sit together as Friends. Please report errors to me link at end of page.

Then, Ishtar passes back through the seven gates, receiving one article of clothing back at each gate, and exiting the final gate fully clothed. Who had a mother — she brings bread to her son.

Gilgamesh Epic, Tablet 12

Sacred Tree, Horned Goddess, and Priest ess. Androgynous and hermaphroditic annd were heavily involved in the cult of Inanna-Ishtar. Gilgameshhero of Uruk.


The whirling South Wind Inannapulling at its roots. Queen of Heaven and Earth: Dumuzid the Shepherd and many unnamed others. Put in his inannq, could not reach them. They spoke to her — it was the speech of anger. The young woman who loved to laugh wept. He put in his hand, could not reach them.

Until the waters of the Euphrates carried it away. Traditional Mesopotamian religion began to gradually decline between the third and fifth centuries AD as ethnic Assyrians converted hjluppu Christianity.

Treee the name of man had been fixed. Folklorist Diane Wolkstein interprets the myth as a union between Inanna and her own “dark side”: The Sumerians called her ki-sikil-lil-la, in Semitic Akkadian, w ardat-lilla or ardat-lili; both phrases mean “Young Woman Spirit” Douglas Frayne, personal communication, 10 December Chicago Assyrian Dictionary Took the tree in her handbrought it to Erech Urukher patron city: Inanna with her 8-pointed star symbol of Venus.

This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat After Enlil had carried off earth.