Official 9Mm Makarov Pistol Manual [James Gebhardt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. FREE UPGRADE TO PRIORITY MAIL, Brand New. If you think you have a Hungarian or Polish Makarov, check the other pistol page. .. That is, the commercially produced Baikal IJ with a rear target sight does not qualify under the Also, there’s a disassembly guide on the tech info page. Information, pictures, and discussion of Makarov autoloading pistols. IJ70 Manual Scan · Downloads · Other 9×18 Pistols · So Do I Have a Makarov or Not?.

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Yes, they will fit and function.

Baikal Manuals ( IJ 70 )

After stringent handling, reliability, and other tests, Makarov’s pistol, which was inspired from the German Walther PP[5] [6] stood out from other designs through its sheer simplicity, excellent reliability, quick disassembly, and robustness. Here is a scanned manual Makarov.

Racking the slide, manually cocking the hammer or firing a cartridge all cock the hammer, setting manuak trigger for the next shot to single action. East Germany These are often, but not always, marked “Ernst Thaelmann,” which is the factory in Suhl, German, where they were made. The importers made nakarov engravings, so if yours doesn’t have this, it’s perfectly normal. Retrieved from ” https: The only real safety you need is the one between your ears.


It’s a pretty simple pistol, so it doesn’t require a big, technical manual to operate. If you think you have a Hungarian, Romanian, Czech, or Polish Makarov, it’s probably not a Makarov, but another similar pistol. North Korea and Vietnam also use PMs as standard-issue pistols. While this is a somewhat subjective question, there are some guidelines. Tooling was set up in the Izhevsk ma,arov for production.

Unfortunately, over the years, the owners manuals have been lost. As a result, in Decembertwo separate contests for a new maunal pistol were created, respectively for a 7.

Makarov Gun Manuals for sale | eBay

Congratulations on your new acquisition! So I can quit looking for the IJ70 manual Also try this link from the rec. Baikal also traded autos, trucks, various other consumer goods.

The PMM is able to use existing 9. Yes, my password makaroc Aug 7, 2. The PM is a medium-size, straight-blowback-actionall-steel construction, frame-fixed barrel handgun. MoosemanAug 8, The Russian Makarovs are also quite competent, but they have some rough edges. Check the gun a day later for any signs of rust and repeat for a few days After many major design changes and tweaks, the gun was formally adopted as the “9mm Pistolet Makarova”, or “PM” in December Welcome, and congrats on that milestone.


Looking for a IJ70 owner’s manual

Weapons Tests And Evaluations: I don’t know what the difference is makaroov ‘Bailal’ and B-West; which was the importer in my case, but it is for the IJA. Also, special editions are imported by Miltex.

This website will be updated and new content added as time allows. In blowback designs, the only force holding the slide closed is that of the recoil spring; upon firing, the barrel and slide do not have to unlock, as do locked-breech-design pistols.

We’ve come a long way from operating out of a townhouse basement! It was later judged that the new 9.