Yogananda considered Yukteswar as Jnanavatar, or “Incarnation of Wisdom”. Yukteswar wrote “The Holy Science” in In the introduction, he wrote: “The. By Swami Sri Yukteswar (Priya Nath Swami) Original Edition, India Lovers of of The Holy Science (PDF 7 MB), published privately in Kidderpore by his [ ]. The Holy Science. Excerpts from The Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar. Forward by Paramahansa Yogananda. Prophets of all lands and ages have succeeded in.

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A master piece which defines Kaivalya with a convin It’s been 10 year since I had read “Auto Biography of a Yogi”, and there was a mention about this book in the same.

Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar

Everyone is seeking happiness, says the Bhagavad Gita. And because it’s his only book and his influence on our spiritual history is just HUGE and only known to us because of Yogananda and his writing and remembrance.

Their wisdom and spiritual counsel have become the scriptures of the world. A remarkable synthesis of Orient and Occident scriptures ultimately reminding us all yumteswar keep in mind the original purpose of coming to this world. I believe you got lift your consciousness and detach all strings to understand the vibrate and make sense what he is saying through this book.

Author profiles to be merged please. It is one, undividable Being. I asked for help and this yuktesswar appeared. At first, I must admit, I thought that I had made a mistake in purchasing this Kindle book. Swami Sri Yukteswar was both. All creatures, from the highest to the lowest in the link yulteswar creation, are found eager to realize three things: Fortunately, this only lasted a very few pages.


As a science student, you go in shock mode knowing that just through meditation he was explaining things we knew in last 50 year like Gnome, ribosomes and more. He has been called as Svience.

Read reviews that mention sri yukteswar holy science autobiography of a yogi swami sri paramahansa yogananda must yumteswar sri yukteshwar kriya yoga kali yuga paramhansa yogananda easy read many times guru of paramahansa self-realization fellowship book was written great book version published yoganandas guru eastern and western read this book.

Having read this book many times, I have noticed that the depth of this book and the layers to be peeled away are immense. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.

Holy Science

It is definitely one of those books that you want to begin reading all over again as soon as you are done! Placing the holy texts on the spotless table of his mind, he was able to dissect them with the scalpel of intuitive reasoning, and to separate interpolations and wrong interpretations yulteswar scholars from the truths as originally given by the prophets.

So a place there must holt where union between the two sets is possible.

Want to Read saving…. Customers who bought this item also bought. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Only a few specially gifted persons can rise superior to the influence of their professed creeds and find absolute unanimity in the truths propagated by all great faiths.

However, even though this book has verses from the Bible, its flavor is distinctly Eastern. But to attain this, knowledge of the external world is necessary. Hholy Sri Yukteswar sets out to prove that this mistake in understanding is a result of inaccurately interpreting the duration of the ancient cycles or yugas.


Lost Star of Myth and Time. The fourth section discusses the revelations which yhkteswar to those who have traveled far to realize the three ideals of life and who are very near their destination.

Mar 24, Joy-Ellen rated it it was amazing. So, if you’re not familiar with Hindu Gods, you could easily get lost in the panoply of names and descriptions of their holy scriptures, which are far more complex than the bible.

When man raises himself above the idea of creation of this Darkness, Maya, and passes completely out of its influence, he becomes liberated from bondage and is placed in his real Self, the Eternal Spirit. It is amazing how my mind went from, “I think yukyeswar I just wasted some money,” to “this information yukteswwr worth so much more than what I paid for it! This holy personage at the Kumbha Mela was thus my own paramguruji maharaj, though this was our first meeting. I have not finished this book yet, but very tempted to yuktteswar it.

A master piece which defines Kaivalya with a convincing and realized meaning.