Tate glossary definition for post-painterly abstraction: A blanket term by the critic Clement Greenberg at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. He titled it. A term coined by art critic Clement Greenberg for the title of an exhibition he curated in Post-painterly abstraction encompasses a broad group of American. Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden By Moris Louis, a key participant in the Post-Painterly Abstraction show curated by Clement Greenberg in.

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Umbrella Term For Numerous Individual Styles In an article for the exhibition catalogue, Greenberg discussed a number of differing styles and tendencies in contemporary American art.

Painterly means, among other things, the blurred, broken, loose definition of color and contour. He titled it Post-Painterly Abstraction. Some of the labels that became attached to Abstract Expressionism, like ” informel ” and “Action Painting,” definitely implied this; one was given to understand that what was involved was an utterly new kind of art that was no longer greeenberg in any accepted sense.

Post Painterly Abstraction

In an article for the exhibition catalogue, Greenberg discussed a number of differing styles and tendencies in contemporary American ggeenberg. The phrase “Post-painterly abstraction” was first used in by the art critic Clement Greenberg as the title for an exhibition of 20th century paintings he curated for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Paintings by exponents of Post-painterly abstraction can be seen in the best art museums around the world. It certainly has nothing to do with doctrine, with geometrical form for its own sake. Another thing the artists in greenbetg show, with two or three exceptions, have in common is the high keying, as well as lucidity, of their color. Pst so far as they belong to the physical aspects of painting they are but means, neutral in themselves and guaranteeing nothing in the way of ultimate aesthetic value.

Post-painterly abstraction – Wikipedia

Above all it was anonymous in execution, reflecting the painter’s desire to abandon the drama and emotionalism of the older abstraxtion of Abstract Expressionism. Greenberg himself described post-painterly abstraction as being typically linear in design, bright in colour, devoid of detail and incident, and inclined to draw the eye beyond the limits of the canvas. Greenberg had perceived that there was a new movement in painting that derived from the abstract expressionism of the s and s but “favored openness or clarity” as opposed to the dense painterly surfaces of that painting style.


Right now it’s Pop art, which is the other side of the reaction against Abstract Painferly, that constitutes a school paintely a fashion. A new episode in that evolution is what I have tried to document here.

Having produced art of major importance, it turned into a school, then into a manner, and finally into a set of mannerisms. If Post-painterly abstraction sounds complicated, try reading about concurrent abstract expressionist movements in Europe, such as Art Informel s, sits sub-variants Tachisme late s, s Lyrical Abstractionand the independent COBRA painyerly Nor does it really challenge taste on more than a superficial level.

Almost a quarter of the painters represented in this show continue in one way or another to be painterly in their handling or execution. What is Post-Painterly Abstraction: And while their paintings shared some of the visual characteristics of works by Barnett Newman and Mark Rothkothey did not share their predecessors’ views on the spirituality and meaning of art.

Famous Painters 20th Century Painters Because Post-painterly abstractionists tended to avoid emotionalism, and followed a more anonymous, non-subjective aesthetic, they clearly shared the same view of the primacy of formal elements, and thus met with his approval.

Art Museums in America. They are included because they have won their “hardness” from the “softness” of Painterly Abstraction; they have not inherited it from Mondrian, the Bauhaus, Suprematism, or anything else that came before. Klee’s art was an exception, abstravtion the smallness of his works made their painterly handling relatively unobtrusive; one became really aware of Klee’s painterliness only when abdtraction was “blown up” later on by artists like Wols, Tobey, and Dubuffet.

These create variations of light and dark by means of which juxtaposed strokes can be graded into one another without abrupt contrasts. What was mostly involved was the disconcerting effect produced by wide-open painterliness in an abstract context. This is perhaps the most important motive behind the geometrical regularity of drawing in most of the pictures in this show.

When abstraction became painterly in a new way in the s, Greenberg became an advocate, but the old label stuck: However, the post-painterly abstractionists were ruthless in their rejection of the inwardness and mysticism of abstract expressionism and of any residual references to the external world, and they also explored new approaches to composition.


These artists prefer trued and faired edges simply because these call less attention to themselves as drawing — and by doing that they also get out of the way of color.

For the sake of these, as well as in the interests of optical clarity, they shun thick paint and tactile effects.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. That may come yet, but it hasn’t so far. They have a tendency, many of them, to stress contrasts of pure hue rather than contrasts of light and dark. What they created was a purely factual kind of art which, more than ever before, functioned in terms of the basic elements of the medium itself; formcolour, texturescale, composition and so on.

Among the prior generation of contemporary artists, Barnett Newman has been singled out as one who anticipated “some of the characteristics of post-painterly abstraction. What turned this constellation of stylistic features into something bad as art was its standardization, its reduction to a set of mannerisms, as a dozen, and then a thousand, artists proceeded to maul the same viscosities of paint, in more or less the same ranges of color, and with the same “gestures,” into the same kind of picture.

In their reaction against the “handwriting” and “gestures” of Painterly Abstraction, these artists also favor a relatively anonymous execution. The essay may not have remained current, but the phrase “Post Pinterly Abstraction” stuck. It includes a number of geeenberg who I do think are among the best new painters, but it does not include all of these. That context still derived from Cubism — as does the context of every variety of sophisticated abstract art since Cubism, despite all appearances to the contrary.

Post-Painterly Abstraction

This page was last edited on 4 Octoberat There is no question, in any case, of repudiating its best achievements. People should have recognized this the moment they began to be able to recognize differences of quality in Abstract Expressionism.

Twitter Facebook Email Pinterest. As a general rule, the new abstract painters rejected the emotionalism of Abstract Expressionism, and also its ppainterly gestural brushwork, in favour of cooler, more anonymous styles of painting.