Questions Response Code. Activity at Work. Q1. Does your work involve vigorous -intensity activity that causes large increases in breathing or. GPAQ: a survey tool to help practices improve their services to patients. The GPAQ questionnaire fulfills the requirements for the practice patient survey, GP. The WHO-endorsed Global Physical Activity Questionnaire (GPAQ) has been widely used in developing countries, but the evidence base for its.

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Several reasons may explain the low validity of GPAQ for our rural population as opposed to the urban sample; firstly, the dominant work-related PA in rural area is farming, it is a hard work that involves digging, cutting crops, rice processing, carrying heavy loads etc. Type 2 diabetes in questionnnaire and urban population: In addition, swimming and cycling are common activities for rural people.

Results Valid accelerometer data i. Abstract Background Feasible and cost-effective as well as population specific instruments for monitoring physical activity PA levels are needed for the management and prevention of non-communicable diseases. The GT3X accelerometer is small, noninvasive and contains a 3-axis microelectromechanical system which measures the quantity and intensity of movement http: Agricultural Calendar [ http: Consent for publication Not applicable.

These might be the reasons that low PA questionjaire found to be almost similar in both urban and rural Springer International Publishing; Additional explanation may be related to the gpas of ambulation in the country-side which may result in accelerometer counts below the cut-off point for moderate activity [ 25 ].

Therefore it is possible that the overall low validity in rural sample was confounded by the lack of representation of participants with graduate degree in this sample.


Given waist worn accelerometers do not capture the typical PA in rural context, further study using a physical activity diary and a combination of multiple sensors e. Armstrong T, Bull FC. Hence for the sake of keeping the large sample we chose the lowest number of days. However, a study conducted on a Chilean population found the single question from the GPAQ had fair validity for measuring SB, though poor ability for correctly classifying individuals into tertiles or quartiles of SB [ 30 ].

The research assistants RA approached the selected households HHintroduced the study and its importance and asked permission to enroll one eligible person from each HH. In male overall correlation across indicators of PA was not seen, whereas other studies showed reverse result [ 64041 ].

Validity of the global physical activity questionnaire (GPAQ) in Bangladesh

Because accelerometers do not measure water-based and non-ambulatory activities, this may have contributed to the poor correlations found in males. Main stratification was done by place, but further stratified by gender, age and education. National Center for Biotechnology InformationQuestionnaife. As the Bangladeshi sample in the validation of the previous version of the GPAQ was quesfionnaire, validated against pedometers and showed very poor results, this study aimed to determine the criterion validity of the new version of GPAQ in both rural and urban populations using accelerometer as the criterion measure of physical activity.

The World Health Organization WHO has therefore promoted the development of PA surveillance tools in order to evaluate public health interventions and policies [ 56 ] aimed at reducing the burden of non-communicable diseases NCDs [ 7 ]. We used the GPAQ scoring protocol [ 21 ] to create the following indicators: J Phys Act Health. Das P, Horton R. Support for this argument is the good correlation we found with time spent on light-intensity PA based on accelerometer and GPAQ occupation and travel-related physical activity, a correlation that was in the same range as for accelerometer MVPA.


Feasible and cost-effective as well as population specific instruments for monitoring physical activity PA levels are needed for the management and prevention of non-communicable diseases.

Physical activity assessment with accelerometers: Additionally, we followed WHO guidelines for administering the GPAQ, provided intensive training on data collection staff and close supervision during data collection to minimize avoidable sources of measurement error. The agreement for categorization of participants into meeting sufficient physical activity level was fair for all participants Kappa: Shirin Jahan Mumu, Email: Background Physical activity PA is a key behavioural factor for maintaining health and well-being at individual and population levels [ 1 — 3 ].

Once a person was chosen and volunteered to participate, a date and time for data collection was arranged and the recruitment continued until the sample size reached.

Validity of the global physical activity questionnaire (GPAQ) in Bangladesh

Each participant was then fitted with an accelerometer and shown how to remove and re-wear the device. To investigate the criterion validity we chose the Actigraph GT3X glaq as objective sensor-based activity monitors to provide the criterion measure.

To the best of our knowledge this is the first validity study of the GPAQ in Bangladesh using accelerometer and also including rural population.