Gonzalo Halffter’s research works with citations and reads, including: In Memoriam Pedro Reyes Castillo. Gonzalo Halffter has expertise in. Gonzalo Halffter, Mexican entomologist. Red de Ecoetología; Instituto de Ecología A.C. – Carretera Antigua a Coatepec – XALAPA. Gonzalo Halffter . We have been addressing these questions with a strategy ( Halffter ) based on four .. , Arellano and Halffter , Arellano et al.

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Are there changes in the structure and function of these assemblages?

Gonzalo Halffter

It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Many of them, at certain times of the year, are rare in the forest or in coffee plantations, whereas the reverse is true at other times of the year.

At T2, Coprophanaeus telamon went from being a moderately abundant species to being co-dominant, and we recorded three species in low abundance that were not caught at T1. The landscape is uneven, and the geology and soils are mainly volcanic. Evidence is beginning gonzxlo come together that this policy is limited for gonzalk regions see Halffter Scarabaeinae at Welder Wildlife Refuge.

An ecological and evolutive approach. The most complete study of Scarabaeinae richness over time carried out in an experimentally fragmented tropical rain forest landscape Manaus, Brazil is the comparison between the collections of Klein carried out a few years after fragmentation and the establishment of barriers with no arboreal vegetation and the collections of Quintero and Quintero and Roslin Epiphytes and lianas are less abundant than in cloud forest.

In contrast, Onthophagus incensus and Copris incertus were recorded for all habitats and almost all years.

Related articles in Web of Science Google Scholar. The changes that occurred between samplings affected the less abundant species in the cloud forest and in the pasture. Citing articles via Web of Science My profile My library Metrics Alerts. Historical and ecological factors determining the geographical distribution of beetles Coleoptera: Scarabaeinae G Halffter Biogeographia 15 1, We chose representative sites for sampling at T1 hxlffter T2, and therefore gonaalo that as the habitat is less transformed, the assemblage is more stable over time, which could be observed through less changes in species richness and composition over time.


The temporal and spatial distribution of the 18 species registered in this study were notably diverse. Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. Although all assemblages are dynamic, and this is associated with spatial and temporal variation in the habitat and with dispersal capacity and interactions Bengtsson et al. Ecology Verified email at ku. Only one Onthophagus corrosus was collected during T1 in the cloud forest fragment.

Of these species, two, Onthophagus schaefferi and Dichotomius amplicollishave also gonzaloo collected but not in our study in commercial shaded coffee plantations.

Universitat de Barcelona – Honoris causa

Variation in abundance for the 18 species recorded was notable among the different habitats and collection times. The frequency distribution in the two coffee plantations indicates slightly greater stability.

For each site and both T1 and T2, we identified the specimens that were caught to the species level and counted all specimens captured. The dominance-diversity curves Fig. For these situations, Halffter has proposed “archipelago reserves” that within a regional scheme include existing protected areas but also include the habitats that are rich in diversity and are found between the protected areas matrix habitats with intermediate transformationplaying the role of corridors or, as we have seen in this study, a role that is complementary to the fragments of original vegetation.

Areas that were originally occupied by TMCFs are now covered with shaded coffee plantations, cattle pastures, and other crop sites Challenger Their combined citations are counted only for the first article. To halfdter whether the frequency of appearance of the different guilds i. View large Download slide. Instability of Copronecrophagous Beetle Assemblages Coleoptera: Verified email at posgrado. New citations to this author. Rapid recovery of dung beetle communities following habitat fragmentation in central Amazonia.

To compare species abundance and evenness patterns between years, we used dominance-diversity graphs, also known as Whittaker or range-abundance graphs Feinsinger Composition was only stable in the pasture, where species richness was notably lower.


Los cambios ocurridos entre los dos tiempos de muestreo afectaron a las especies poco abundantes en el bosque de niebla y en el pastizal. The same is true of the pasture where the data for T1 and T2 are even more similar. Halffyer and carrion beetles in tropical rain forest fragments and agricultural habitats at Los Tuxtlas, Mexico.

Effects of deforestation on diversity, bio-mass and function haalffter dung beetles on the eastern slopes of the Peruvian Andes. Rapid turnover and edge effects in dung beetle assemblages Scarabaeidae at a Bolivian neotropical forest-savana ecotone. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Biology Conservation, 10 2: Dr Halffter has had a long and prolific scientific career, above all in the field of zoology research specifically in the field of entomology, about which he is considered a preeminent authority.

C Verified email gonsalo inecol. With respect to species exchange over time, the Bray-Curtis index values Fig. What are the number and identity of the species that remain constant in habitats with different degrees of disturbance? Spatial and temporal analysis of alfa, beta and gamma diversities of bats in a fragmented landscape.

Lobo Integrative Ecological Biogeography research group, Dept. Global Ecology and Biogeography — Journal of Macroecology. To evaluate the completeness of our inventories, gonalo used the nonparametric richness estimators Jack 1 and MMMean, also in the EstimateS program, to evaluate the number of species. As we have indicated, these variations could ualffter a reflection of the flow of Scarabaeinae between the habitats of this landscape that are shaded by trees.

The locations of the five study sites in a mountainous landscape in central Veracruz, Mexico. Cloud forest originally covered the majority of this region.