Madu Madu, Dulari Perera, Maheshi Madumali Vithanage and others like this. Comments. Ven Ariyawimala Ko ithuru tika. Manage. 2y. Other Albums. ISBN ISBN Author: Rathna Kodikara. Translator: . Publisher: Sarasavi Publishers. Author2: Rathna Kodikara. Susara Publications Pvt Ltd, No: /43, People’s Park, Colombo Off: / / / Fax.

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Featured News Gamini flies west Read More. The Literature of Ceylon. Go to Wish List. This is a mellifluous errand which is full of poetic excellence written in a religious and patriotic perspective.

By some divine right, after years, once again, it is the capital of Sri Lanka. What apabbransa are you jabbering? According to the view of some historians and critics, the mortal remains kept in the Basilica of Bom Jesus in GoaIndiais the in-corrupt body of Thotagamuwe Sri Rahula Thera, which was sandeshaa by the Portuguese from the remote village of Ambana in Southern Sri Lanka.

In Sri Lanka children love to play house or ‘Sellam Gedara’. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Yet, the author’s name has been lost with time. In Selalihini Sandeshaya, “The Starling’s Message”, the bird in question, selalihini, is the hill mynah species, which belongs to the starling family.

It was held under the sandeshaay of King Perakumba VI, last of the Sinhalese kings to exercise sovereignty over the whole island.


Processing Request Please Wait There was a literary awakening of the nation under him. The place was the sandeshqya choice of kings as their capital, due to the natural protection it offered through the extensive marshes and the Diyawanna Oya.

Thotagamuwe Sri Rahula Thera – Wikipedia

Villagers who feared a possible abduction of zandeshaya mysterious body by the Portuguese, took it to the Indurigiri cave at Ambana near Elpitiya in Galle district which was surrounded by a dense forest cover for safety.

Known for its fast-paced life, busy streets and uplifted spirits, Kuala Lumpur offers the best of both worlds, the old and the new.

Have they been pre-cautioned of what they might throw away as rubble? These hint at the legacy of skill that the artisan communities in Kelaniya giea known for. King Parakrama Bahu VI encouraged scholars to write such books. This book is an edition with descriptive notes for each poem that is useful for deeper understanding of poetic undertone.

Gira sandeshaya

Though he was a child prodigyhe was a kind of a mischievous character who loved adventures. These ticklers of taste buds work their magic in secret.

Students Weththawe Thera [3]. Views Read Sandeshata View history. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Thotagamuwe Sri Rahula Thera – [4] was a Buddhist monk and an eminent scholar, [5] who lived in the 15th century in Sri Lanka. This poem contains much information on King Parakramabahu and the pirivena monastic collegewhich the Ven Thotagamuwe Sri Rahula Thero headed.


Gira Sandeshaya Vimasuma| By Rathna Kodikara

The Parrot was entrusted the task of making a plea to God Natha to protect the King Parakramabahu VI of Kotte and the entire Sri Lanka from the afflictions of enemies, pestilence and evil spirits. All is set to start work on the flyover at Rajagiriya, another Rajapaksa era project carried out by the present government. It is said due to the effect of an Ayurvedic drug named “Siddaloka Rasaya” which was taken by Sri Rahula thera, his body did not decompose as a usual dead body and kept growing beard and nails.

Is the Department of Archaeology on stand-by to sift through the rubble to find any significant historical treasures that might be unearthed by the iron claws of the machinery that will go deep into it very soon? Retrieved 1 October Vijayaba Pirivena in Thotagamuwa, Hikkaduwa in Galle District served as the most renowned and popular education center of the Kotte era. The poem begins in praise of the bird-messenger and then conveys the need for a message to be flown to a certain destination.

Accordingly, his mother was princess Seelawathi and his father was prince Wickramabahu. Gira Sandeshaya, “The Parrot’s Message” was written around