Minimonsta Mac Demo Installation – 32/bit. Minimonsta Software – Mac Demo Version ( ). Minimonsta changes in version (Release. I’ve got all the presets in Program Files\GForce\GForce\Minimonsta but it isn’t finding them for some From the Minimonsta manual, page 6. He means the Minimonsta silver setup button-lower right hand side of the gui, just above the onscreen keyboard. Page 23 of the manual.

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Technical Support We pride ourselves on our support but to help us solve your problem quickly and effectively please take note of the following points which can help speed up the support process. I just had to get the feel of how to edit the sounds but it was the same as it is in most other software’s.

Provided you have a license registered minimobsta your account, you can find your installation codes in:. Try It Buy It.

Sound Bank.

The installer doesn’t seem to finish. The possibilities are extraordinarily larger than that of a simple Mini Moog. Awards The macdirectory website review awarded it five star status and proclaimed: But compared to the Mini Moogthe Minimonsta received some notable improvements.

Many users loved it because of its unpredictability and this is faithfully recreated on the Minimonsta. One of the user secrets on the original instrument was the loop feedback trick whereby you could take the output of the Mini and feed it back into the instrument’s external input.

Or, I need a serial number and mihimonsta only find a reg key! I think he excels in all types of audio, bass, leads, pads, etc.

Did you find this review helpful? Also please let us know if your problem occurred after any software updates or if it’s a recurring problem. Finally, there’s also the ability to assign MIDI modulation to any original Mini parameter and create effects such as dynamic glide times or velocity response to filter both positive and negative.


Minimonsta demo version patches. I love it and it works for me, I am glad that I made the purchase and got this many years ago and still use it today. Finally, a delay was added and synth benefits system “Melohman” that allows you to morph between the different presets.

Checking which CC is assigned to which parameter: If you send the instrument Program Change No. What’s more effective is to describe what mibimonsta and what you expected to happen. Put simply, the scope for sound design and sonic creativity is limitless. The full version comes with Meta Patches which equates to patches. It is also accompanied by a page manual, French and very well done, hforce it is not necessary to do the trick.

Then install the Minimonsta once more.

Instrument Overview | GFORCE SOFTWARE

I’m having problems installing the Minimonsta on my Mac. In its time 13, were sold but if you want one now be prepared to pay handsomely. But hey, who can do more can do less. You will only be able to use bit versions of any third party AU in Logic X. If you can see your plugin in the list of Audio Units, select the file and move it to the Desktop. Using just these parameters, the Minimonsta has a huge tonal range from fat to fierce and from searing to sharp sizzles. CPU usage is not excessive in current use.

On a new computer, but it goes on a less powerful processor can be saturated. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. But after it finally got installed and all the patches where loaded then I started to mess around with it and no manual was needed to get started. Installation and Authorization easy and carefree. We think of it as a Mini emulation on steroids because, until the Minimonsta, numerous clones simply attempted to copy the original instrument and then add one or two features such as polyphony and another LFO, the Minimonsta takes a radically different look at this vintage masterpiece and operates on two levels.


Melohman And if the above isn’t enough, you can also dynamically morph between twelve patches within a Meta-Patch thanks to the unique Melohman octave.

Frequently Asked Questions – Minimonsta

For me, even if the Minimonsta not reproduce perfectly the sound of the Mini Moog, it exceeds its model in many respects. Yes, okay, we get it!

Instead of being shackled to a single LFO as per the original instrument, it’s possible to assign an LFO to almost any original Mini parameter including filter cutoff, resonance, individual oscillator volumes, even each envelope parameter. The Minimonsta is an emulation of the famous Mini Moog. Gcorce having already had the opportunity to touch a Mini Moog, I am not able to say if the sound of this app is really close to the original.

All of the sounds are really good quality and you can tell gfodce the developers took time in developing the patches and wanted to put out a great product that we could all use for a long time.

The added LFO can make sounds that minkmonsta in every direction.

But I must say that this is the last of my worries. Of course, you do not need 32 voices at all times. I miss a lot if I had more. Create new account Request new password.