horror photography | Photos Of Horror Movie Creepers In Their Golden Years | Geekologie. Geekology , in the words of Mr. Tablante, “continues the pursuit of the geek dream of bringing out our favorite comic book and anime. This iPhone app makes visiting up to 3X faster on 3G internet, while Version is literally built from scratch to give you the best Geekologie.

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The Nokia 9 PureView smartphone with five rear cameras has been rumored for months, but a new a recently leaked video adds fuel to that fire. This new device is modeled after the Nokia 8 Sirocco, and its penta-lens camera setup is alleged to be capable of capturing five simultaneous shots while also offering improved efficiency in geekologiie situations as well as the ability to re-focus images once shot.

Read more to watch the clip and for additional information.


Read geekologle for two more videos and additional information. Read more for an actual Google Doodle short film about Mister Rogers as well as a picture of the very first doodle.


The Uppsala researchers created a new model with dark energy and our universe riding on an expanding bubble in an extra dimension, and the simulation revealed that our universe is accommodated somewhere on the edge of this bubble.

Read more for another video and additional information.

Annoy Coworkers With The Annoyatron – Geekologie

This pristine specimen is located in Brunei and what sets it apart from the standard model is a two-seat configuration, with the rear-end reserved for the fuel cell, along with a bevy of HKS parts, including dual exhausts as well as aero parts.

Read more for a video of the original commercial that was aired during the time of its release, additional pictures and information.

Yes, Microsoft has an artificial intelligence research lab, and the BBC gives us a rare look inside.

There is much anxiety that AI will take jobs, and fear that intelligent robots may harm us and one day take over the world. Read more for the video tour. Enjoy the ultimate visual experience with 4K HDR quality, immersive sound with Geeekologie Atmos and dts-x surround sound pass-through, and the most 4K entertainment.


You can also control smart devices such as lights, thermostats, and cameras with your voice and set convenient schedules with the Google Assistant, Alexa and SmartThings Link.

Read more for another video review and additional information. Ocarina of Geekkologie has been released, and you can download it now.

Read more for a minute gameplay video and the download links. Yes, Louis Vuitton also makes smartwatches. What does this mean for the device? Read more for a hands-on video review of the previous generation and additional information.

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