Garantisadong Pambata (GP) is a campaign to support the various health programs to reduce childhood illnesses and deaths by promoting positive child care. At the forefront of these initiatives is Garantisadong Pambata (GP), an institutionalized pre-schoolers nationwide health campaign conducted every third week of. THE Department of Health (DOH), together with other government agencies, presented the new “Garantisadong Pambata (GP),” a child health.

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While delivery of essential health package is focused during the GP week, the health services and dissemination of health information are also available year-round to children between six and 71 months old. Ignoring the health and well being of children and mothers is never an option and there is no excuse to it. Over the years, the program has expanded its services. The DOH and NNC is stepping up its efforts to remarkably garanyisadong mortality among children under the age of five by enforcing the Garantisadong Pambata program.

These disturbing figures had given birth to government-initiated child health focused programs that aim to intensify education and participation of the pammbata in the prevention of these deaths and ultimately, in ensuring the survival of children under the age of five.


At the forefront of these initiatives is Garantisadong Pambata GPan institutionalized pre-schoolers nationwide health campaign conducted every third week of April harantisadong October aimed at delivering a package health services to children under five years of age and provide relevant health information for parents and caretakers. Farantisadong aids in the immunization of children and mothers; the integrated management of sick children; child injury prevention, control, and treatment; birth spacing; and proper personal hygiene.

Services will be diversified to fit the life stage segments of years, according to the December edition of Health Beat, an official publication of the DOH.

At its initiation, the GP program offered only two services: Learn more about the Philippine government, its structure, how government works and the people behind it. The program stressed the importance of Vitamin A supplementation in children.

Under-five mortality rate is the probability per 1, that a newborn baby will die before reaching age five, if subject to current age-specific mortality rates. Cebu City – Inchild mortality rate for Philippines was It now offers an integrated package of services and information on health, nutrition, and environment for children that are made available every day in homes, schools, health facilities, and communities, by government and non-government organizations.


Garantisadong Pambata to fight for child health and survival

Republic of the Philippines All content is in the public domain unless otherwise stated. Child mortality rate of Philippines fell gradually from The messages the expanded GP want to convey is that the provision of child health is not only limited to going to the health centers for free and effective services. The care for the child is every day, at home, school, health facility, and by different partners, it said.

Under the expanded GP, years old children are already included in the coverage. It promotes the services of skilled health professionals during pregnancy, delivery, and immediate postpartum; care of the newborn; exclusive breastfeeding and complementary feeding; micro-nutrient supplementation; and deworming.