Firm Description. Log in or Register to enter information about this firm. Projects. National Museum of African American History and Culture. Washington, DC. From translating historic iron latticework into a digitally-produced façade to ensuring LEED certification, Phil Freelon played a pivotal, and. Architect / United States / The Freelon Group, Architects. Philip G. Freelon founded The Freelon Group in Over the past 21 years, the .

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Phil Freelon on Engaging with Black History Through Architecture

A building that speaks to the people who use it, his philosophy goes, will ultimately work better for them and stand the test of time. The flexible design can accommodate new uses over time, ensuring that the park can evolve along with the community. Mine had fingerprints all over them and the decals were bent and crooked.

Our immigration was forced but what freflon do when you get here—the struggles, the triumphs He is a brilliant gentleman. Similar articles on Archinect that may interest you And he brought people like Zena arvhitect myself and others in and made room freeln us to grow in our careers, nurtured that, and encouraged that.

The profession, in general, is missing out on a potentially deep pool of talent and the world is missing out on great ideas and buildings that could be happening by virtue of that infusion of energy and creativity that we see in music or dance or almost any other profession. Built into its sloping site, the two-story glass structure features a soaring atrium, custom metal benches, and a polished red-and-black terrazzo floor.

The sensitivity Freelon and his team showed on Emancipation Park represents the design approach they take for every project the practice takes on.


America’s Humanitarian Architect

Meyers has known Freelon for over 30 years, and Nnenna since she was in high school when he was her Upward Bound counselor. And he built people. A study model of the Harvey B.

That is reflected in the exhibit. Notable Design Book Review. Subscribe by Email Weekly. I want to help people who may have not had that. Lewis Museumin Baltimore. Schools School Blogs Forum. Freelon argues that reaching bright people at a very young age is critical, because it can help them get ahead earlier and focus their creative energy sooner. Join the advance sign up list and receive a free custom designed display stand for the book.

On his choice to work primarily on civic projects: Located in downtown Durham, the stadium is part of an adaptive reuse project that turned a former tobacco factory into a mixed-use development. The city has been a hub of African-American entrepreneurship for decades which grew from the Jim Crow laws in the United States, which forced African Americans to develop their own companies ; downtown Durham was known as Black Wall Street.

I was coming into age right at that time. Profile Book List Current Reading. What would it cost to do a first-rate reception? Lifelong residents in the area shared their personal stories about their connection to the neighborhood and park. Here are some highlights of our conversation:. Inhe was the recipient of a Loeb Fellowship and spent a year of independent study at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

MIT School of Architecture + Planning

When architects communicate with and embody the population they serve, their buildings work better for people. The inspiration for the design of the Anacostia Library comes from the architeect of the adjacent residential context. I had an Afro and was really enamored with Black culture and it was just a very influential period of my life.

Printed as a special, oversized, page color newspaper, the catalogue has been published on the occasion of an exhibition of the same name, curated by Andrew Blauvelt, on view at the Cranbrook Art Museum through October 7, About Advertising Contact Newsletters Privacy. He left Philadelphia when he was 18 to attend Hampton University, in Virginia, to study architecture.


Heading the design team, the NMAAHC is just one of the many major projects that the Philadelphia-born, North Carolina-based architect has worked on, a substantial number of which likewise celebrate African American culture. Cranbrook Art Museum Published: Take his recent renovation of Emancipation Parkan That will carry on for many, many years.

He takes his role as a mentor—to his staff, to his students, and to aspiring architects—very seriously, as it directly relates to the diversity pipeline problem.

Freelon’s work has been published in national professional journals including Architecture, Progressive Architecture, Architectural Record and most recently in Contract Magazinewhich named him Designer of the Year for Architecture is an industry where egos run rampant and the visionary genius is often lionized, but Freelon takes a more empathic and democratic approach.

Jewelry Design Designers Commentators Books. MoAD and the Reginald F. They were working on a plan to renovate, add to and build the Motown Museum so we went out and showed what we have done in other places and her vision This policy has directly led to getting more underrepresented individuals into the profession.

We were one of them. What encompasses his leadership style and his design style is really trying to unite different people and different mind-sets afchitect they come to create one vision.