The Storage Gateway from Freecom Technologies offers an easy and fast way to add network storage in the office or home environment. Quick and simple. Freecom FSG-3 is a small device with these specs: Intel IXP/IXP (ARM) CPU, running at MHz; 64 MB RAM; 1 – WAN port and 3. Free Download Freecom FSG-3 Storage Gateway Firmware (HDD / SSD / NAS / USB Flash).

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This device was designed for home or office use.

This device is equipment complying with EN class B. Freecom Technologies is not liable for any damages that may occur from the fsg- of a Freecom system. We reserve the right to upgrade our products in keeping with technological advances. Accessing the FSG-3 from Windows Attaching external USB devices Attaching external S-ATA devices You can also contact Freecom support for more help.

Freecom FSG-3 Storage Gateway WLAN – web server Series

Freecom on the net The FSG-3 and other Freecom products including documentation, drivers, and other information can be found on a World Wide Web home page that you can access at the universal resource locator URL http: Other brand and product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of System Requirements The following hardware fteecom software requirements must be fulfilled to ensure trouble-free operation.

When liquids are spilled freeco get in contact with the electronics within the drive enclosure, it will damage the drive and will cause the drive to malfunction.

LAN ports 1, 2 and 3 8. USB host port type A back 1 9. USB host port type A ffsg-3 2 System boot-up OK Ritmic or erratic Flashing blue: System is under boot-up Link is active OFF: LAN 1,2,3 Steady green: Link is active Erratic flashing: Transmit or receive data OFF: Before starting, locate your Windows CD; To fst-3 DHCP with the recommended default addresses, follow these steps: Start the FSG-3 and wait for it to boot.

Freecom Technologies FSG-3 User Manual | 84 pages

The EL ring will be on when booting is finished. This can fsg- up to 30 seconds. IP address automatically” is selected. If you are experiencing problems, you can restart your computer. Please make sure you have this information on hand.

The gateway then allows the computers on the local network to use a single user account to access the Internet through the broadband modem. If you were using your computer directly attached to your modem to access the internet, you may need to collect configuration information from your compu- ter so that you can use this information when you configure freeclm FSG If your ISP provided this information to you on paper or provides the configuration data dynamically, you do not require this information.


It contains much valuable software including the FSG Assistant. Once inserted, feeecom CD should start a menu automatically. If this rfeecom not the case, please run through the following steps: After logging in as a user or the admin, an Explorer window will open showing all available folders on the FSG When logging in as a user, only folders with permission for this user will be shown.

The administrator has permissions for all Each PC must be configured separately to get printer access! Make sure you have setup your network as described in the “Before you begin” chapter and make sure all the cables are properly attached. For fsg-33 information, you can read the ” To start using the full potential of the FSG-3, several items will have to be configured. DynDNS options fg-3 your router. This information is de- scribed in detail in the “Getting on the internet” The guest account is setup to be accessible by anyone.

It has its own folder where it has all rights. If you are the only one working on the FSG-3, or you do not mind sharing your files with any other users of the FSG-3, you can use this account. In the case you want to have more services available such as FTPor when you connect the FSG-3 to an existing router, or even to the internet, you will need to configure the services to be available.

Remember, each service you turn on or open to the outside is a potential security risk. Take a look at the “Configuration options explained” chapter for all the options and the full potential of the FSG Configuration options explained 6. Here you can find diagnostic and general information. All attached devices show up in this dialog. Please press refresh if the dialog does not show a device you have just plugged in.

Fsf-3 FSG-3 offers several log files for different software components, e. In this menu all hardware related software can be saved and restored. You can set the FSG-3 time here as well. It is possible to save and restore all user settings of the Freecoj This menu lets you restore frefcom previously saved configuration file. Use the browse button fredcom select a previous backup of your configuration file. Then press the Restore button to start the restore.

Do not switch off the FSG-3 during restoring. This can lead to corrupt freecomm files. This will not alter the firmware version. You can select to remove all users. Removing all users also removes all their data!



Hard drives are devices that spin round creating noise and heat and using energy. If the FSG-3 is not used for a long time, it is more beneficial to spin down the hard drive. This uses less power and creates less noise and heat. It also prolongs the lifetime of the hard disk. New firmware usually fixes bugs and adds additional features to your FSG Freecom will release new and updated firmware on a regular basis. It is also possible to obtain the source code and create your own firmware.

Do not permanently switch off the fan as this can lead to excessive heat which might cause damage to your device! The freecmo server used is a version of Apache. Options Freecim Open HTTP server to This allows the http server to be reached from IP addresses the outside whose source address is located somewhere on the internet if enabled, it is recommended to use SSL encryption as well.

The SSH server is a secure terminal client. It can be used to do advanced configuration. Please do not use it unless you need it.

It frecom a security risk! All users with an account will be able to access the FSG Starting the SSH server is a security risk. Only do so if you trust the users!

It allows certain ports from the internet to access certain PCs on the inside. The firewall can be circumvented this way. To change the Adminis- trator password, user settings, group settings or folder settings, click the corresponding page.

Adding a new user Options Description User name Place the login frecom here Password Please enter the user password here. The password is case-sensitive! That means “word” is something differ- freecpm from “Word” Retype password Please retype your password to be sure you typed it correct the first time 6.

Folder rights can be given in the Folder dialogue. This is the name of the workgroup where your FSG-3 is located. This name can be used to access the web configuration e.

This makes it easier for the user to access the web interface. Use this option if you have a time-limited internet If you which to allow any IP Road Warrior type enter: This may take several dreecom. Please make a backup of your configuration file first! Always press logout if you are working on a computer used by other persons than you as well.

Also close your browser and empty the browser cache.