He described his introduction to the serpent-fire in And the Sun Is Up: . Does the production of tumo-like super-fevers, isolated blistering of skin and limbs or. Serpent Fire Tummo can be very useful for calming an intense awakening. During an initiation, I will do a karmic clearing to remove any major. Any one has any experience with Angelique Mystress (the person who runs Fire serpent tummo site)? Apparently she trained the person who.

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By mewtwoDecember 2, in General Discussion. I believe Tummo was created seepent made to do more then warm the body up!! Another purpose is tujo become confident in the emptiness of phenomena. But for that, there are many options besides tummo. For body purification, again, many options exist. The body is symbolic. The purity is symbolic. The dirt is symbolic. If you understand that, you can purify anything in very many different ways, but the principle is the same.

What’s funny is that secrets can’t stay totally secret. They are always leaking here and there in order to advertise and to attract sserpent adherents into the fold.

So what’s a secret according to you? Something you don’t really know or something you think you do not know?

The true self is all-knowing but what is it that really remains apart from the self to be known? Weapons are cool, i have so many weapon sets plus 2 man sparring weapons, empty hand forms, dummies, one can never get bord of Kung Fu. What is Reiki Tummo and Serpent Tummo that everyone’s talking about these days? I had a tummo initiation from Mystress Angelique Serpent Tummo back in and I would say it was a really good experience.

She’s k-awakened and has a LOT of energy and it seems whatever she touches gets some sort of shaktipat. Even her websites transmit shakitpat!

Regarding the Reiki Tummo, I have the book but have not experienced it. Apparently Mystress Angelique provided the inspiration of the technique to the author.

I’ve taken reiki tummo lvl 1 and 2. The focus seems to be on reiki healing methods and opening up the chakras as well as kundalini awakening which i’m still on the fence about and an overall goal of ascension. My experience generally was good.

They really stressed smiling and the heart chakra, something i wasn’t really prepared for but in hindsight i’m beginning to understand it more. I will say though, like many other workshops, there are selling points that don’t materialize into what we may have expected. Some of the material was really, almost to a fault, simplified to me and I know that everyone experienced something different, but they experienced something.

Any one has any experience with Angelique Mystress the person who runs Fire serpent tummo site? Apparently she serprnt the person who now teaches Reiki Tummo What’s a little confusing in all this is that there is eerpent technique similar to tummo involved in all this Her focus is Matriarchal so a lot of it has to do with learning how to surrender to Goddess and recognizing your own inner divinity, etc.

Getting and staying grounded seems to be a foundation of the whole course and I’ve benefited quite a lot by doing her grounding exercise. It’s especially important while reading her stuff because the website really is shakti-charged and it can be a bit disorienting sometimes but fun. The course itself starts at a very basic level going over the nature of consciousness mostly Jungiankarma, the chakra system and so forth so it might be sort of review for most on this forum.


But it does have some very good meditations tuno and other material definitely worth reading. Tummo initiation is not part of Level 1 curriculum so I suppose if you want it you’ll have to arrange something separately.

I’m not even sure if she does tummo initiations anymore perhaps one of her students does? The initiation itself doesn’t involve any sort of technique on your part, just be open to receive and the rest is taken care of rumo her.

The energy is definitely felt and I had some good heat in my belly for weeks after the initiation. She emphasizes to drink a lot of water as the fire burns a lot of impurities and karma its main purpose. If you want more details just give me a PM. Jewish Kabalists have a completely different system of energy centers where as you go up the spine there are energy centers that occur in pairs.

Vajrayana (Tantric Buddhism)

In the nagual system there are things like assemblage point and energy compartments and no chakras. Where can I find out specifically about these Kabalah energy centers and the Nagual System?

Has anyone here read The Temple of Man? If so what was your opinion of it? Carolyn Miss’ book, Anatomy of the Spiritgives a very good look at the different energy centers of different cultures and how they relate.

For more specifically about the Kabbala and the Sephirot energy centers, you need to pick up some books of Jewish mysticism. Just about every books store has a whole section of books on the topic. He does not start talking about the assemblage point until the later books, though.

Rawn Clark offers an interesting series of recordings of a system combining kabalic chants and energy systems. They’re at his abardoncompanion. Its his YHVH mp3’s. Its a simple chant but as the lessons go on it delves into some pretty deep magical layers. Best of all to me there’s little or no philosophy involved. The learning is the doing, nothing to think about. I’m beginning to wonder if that isn’t the best way to do stuff at all.

Forget the theory, reasons, etc and just blaze our own trail. Rawn Clark spent many years working with Franz Bardon’s material and if I am not mistaken, did not start putting forth his innovations till after he had a degree of mastery.

Another person in the hermetic tradition Franz Bardon specifically who is worth checking out is Bill Mistele. When you compare the practices from both of them you will find many similarities to tibetan buddhism, taoism and other traditions. Many ways up the mountain. IMO – its a good idea to start and stick with a decent system till some mastery has been gained – some people may be able to blaze their own way, but most have practiced something before branching off Bradford Keeney has some interesting material about shamanic practice and he advocates spontaneous movement originated by the life force as the way But his research indicates that it still takes time, energy and practice to work with the life force – even when it spontaneously moves through you Who know though, some people eckart tolle and others seem to have spontaneously awakened.

Another perspective, similar to Brad Keeney is to let shakti guide you Of course then you could always get into discussions about form and formlessness, shiva and shakti, emptiness vs fullness etc I am just confusing myself now – hope everyone is having a great night!


Tummo – New World Encyclopedia

If people lived in an environment where cold was much more of a threat than heat, their practice have reflected that. Tummo comes from the mountains of Tibet, where it is cold. There are parts of the Indian Himalayas that are quite cold where Indian yogis would repair to for practice, but the practice of chandali also can be used to cool oneself in extreme heat.

I have heard that the test for a Tibetan yogi’s mastery of tummo is the see how many wet blankets that have been wrapped around his ffire he can dry outside in a cold winter day. And then once when I was in India, several decades ago, a Hindu cire showed me a picture of his accomplishment of chandali.

The picture showed the sitting Sadhu in the middle of firre fires. The fires looked to me to be no more that a foot away from zerpent and they seemed to be about as high as his seated height.

Anyone who has been in the plains of India in the summer will attest that it gets plenty hot there, but with the added fkre from the fires, he segpent have been roasted alive. I think this test is supposed to be done at noon so that the yogi is considered to be surrounded by five fires, the sun being the 5th one. Yes, it’s all Indian Vajrayana decorated with Tibetan culture, that’s all.

The term Firw Buddhism is a bit misleading and I don’t like to use it much. Doctrinally perhaps the case can be made that there is not much difference between Indian Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism, but the Tibetan expression of Buddhism has so many differences from its Indian origin that the term Tibetan Buddhism is justified.

For instance – there does not seem to have been the feudalistic hierarchical system of monasteries in India. Nor, it appears, were the anuttara tantras practiced within monastic walls in India.

Vire did the Indians invent the idea of a series of reincarnated beings of great teachers. In fact the differences are so pronounced, that until the ‘s western scholars had difficulty accepting Tibetan Buddhism as being Buddhism at all. The exiled Tibetan Lamas had to constantly defend there version of Buddhism as being authentically Buddhist. Yes, I’ve heard this and that’s all true. The aim, comprehension and the fruits have been the same though.

I still prefer to use Vajrayana over Tibetan Buddhism. It’s true that lots of it is from Tibet. Well I suppose one could say it’s Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism. That’s why I stated that doctrinally the case could be made for the similarity between the two systems.

I’m serlent delighted with what I’m learning in KAP.

Fire serpent tumo pdf

I just have an insatiable curiosity is all but as far as actual practice I’ve stopped my other Qi Gong to focus just on KAP. I hope your gift returns to you a hundred-fold.

Where can one train in Dummo in the West, from a teach who has actually attained something demonstrable? There are lots and lots of realized teachers in the west who teach Tummo.

They might not immediately and might require some pre-requisites. But, if you tell me where you live, I serpeht find out the closest one’s to ya?