This instruction manual describes preventive maintenance and quick FANUC SYSTEM 3T-MODEL C is designated to be assembled inside an NC machine. Fanuc System 3T-Model D Operator’s Manual(BE 02) – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. I am looking for an operators manual for a Fanuc 3 T controller used on a small Wasino gang lathe. Any help would be appreciated. Going to.

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Program input is started with the data input external start signal MINP. You must set the tools using G50’s.

I’m not an expert at reading these things, but it looks like this machine has 8K of memory? So if the table moves 1″, the readout said 2″. Same goes for the DC spindle. There are integers, not bits, so they are easy to identify. But all of the information I can find seems to imply that its only used after major operations like replacing the servo or ballscrew and where you need to realign turrets and such.

Then I went on to the drive and the Igbat’s. Program input is not started with the data input external start signal MINP.


One last question for anybody still looking at this thread. It looks like the spindle center is 2. And that zero is relative to the location of the table at poweron, not relative to the absolute machine zero. Cold and snow now so inside work will maybe get cought up Good luck Kevin.


From my admittedly limited understanding, I have the absolute zero which I can tweak with gridshift offsets, but does not seem to be used for anything except G28, e.

So my question probably should be. Tha thing look’s like a shot pin to lock the slindel to suport ranuc barfeed or maybe index for live tooling work I have tryed to call out index on mine with no luck but the param. Results 1 to 10 of Last edited by Kevin Taylor; at I need the parameter list to get the machine working.

Fanuc 3t Maintenance Manual

The parameter descriptions are in the back of a Fanuc System 3T operator manual. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: When I power the machine on, it sets zero as where-ever the table currently sits.

I would recommend to you to create a thread asking for the parameter manual for your model. Did have to realign the axis ballscrews and retune the servos.

Started out like this: Results 1 to 12 of Mine has serial so they’re probably real close! Mostly I took everything that I could unbolt fanuuc and sandblasted it, did have to fix the turcite on one of the ways. I was figuring that you do the same thing on a lathe. I have work offsets which I can set with G10, G54, etc. I just got everything moving, now I have to buy all the long-term maintenance bits Need help understanding “zero” on a Fanuc 3T.

Now does anybody know what is needed to upgrade to 80m? It was 3 offline in when the company which owned it moved to a new facility and was never put back in service. The time now is Fanuf you do not have a parameter manual you can see if you have those parameters.


When you program the job make sure you have G28 U0 W0 at the end of each tool. Similar Threads fanuc 11m parameters By sootblower in forum Fanuc. Is that even possible on a 3T control? I have the communications working for uploading and downloading prorgams, but drip would be really nice.

Follow us on All times are GMT Another thing that originally threw me for a loop was that the X axis was specified in diameter. Maybe you can tell me, a mystery item to me on the spindle is what looks like an air driven indexer.

Fajuc I just need to figure out if there’s any way to set DNC on this machine Thanks again for the help!

Let me know if I can help with what documation I have. I have tool offsets which are settable from the MDI.

Al to the rescue again: Anybody has any idea what that means? Somewere I have littutaure on gang tooling from a local dealer for now I mounted a Quick change tool post on the slide with a riser plate ok for short run’s with few tool’s Keep up th good work You can contact me ktaylor earthlink.