Ezra Benson . In general terms, therefore, the proper role of government includes such defensive activities You say, “It can’t happen here. Government is a creation of the people and ought to be subservient to them. We need to be wary of giving centralized government too much power. The proper role of government [Ezra Taft Benson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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He does NOT extend this to any talking points against energy subsidies, pharmaceutical subsidies, tthe doesn’t even discuss the agricultural subsidies that occurred while he was Secretary of Agriculture.

Benson doesn’t argue against goverbment New Deal by pointing to any plateau in GDP, rise in unemployment, or correlating decay in “national character” – just by pointing out that it’s approaching socialism. This is a quick read but you will want to spend some time with it because it is so meaty. Return to Book Page. I intend to keep fighting. In answer, it is obvious that drastic measures ARE called for.

The Proper Role of Government

One of my very favorites! The sheriff now does for them only what they had a right to do for themselves – nothing more.

Reagan believed welfare had limits – not existential flaws. Aug 15, Jodi Z rated it it was amazing Shelves: President Benson’s teachings of moral, just laws for social, economic, and political are of great value even in our times in the 21st Governent. IT does not educate. But so long as pioneer “B” wishes to keep his property, pioneer “A” has no just claim to it.

That they are not to be violated but with his wrath?

The Proper Role of Government – Ezra Taft Benson – BYU Speeches

I regard it as a flagrant violation of bebson explicit provisions of the Constitution for the Federal Government to make it a criminal offense to use gold or silver coin as legal tender or to use irredeemable paper money. To be sure, there are times when this principle of the proper role of government is most annoying and inconvenient.


These are the tadt which, in my opinion, proclaim the proper role of government in the domestic affairs of the nation. The great Thomas Jefferson asked: We must governjent to basic concepts and principles — to eternal verities. It is truly remarkable how thought provoking this pamphlet is. Actually the individual right to personal property, that Benson claims is god-given and eternal, has been developed in the enlightenment merely years ago.

Do I as an individual have a right to use force upon my neighbor to accomplish this goal? He forgets the economic stagnation that occurred at the end of the 19th century when capitalism goveenment America’s money into the hands of the railroad and banking families, and the legislative redistribution that democrats and republicans universally agreed wzra to happen for our nation to grow.

There is such power benaon simmering things down to basic principles against which all actions can be measured. It makes so much sense that our leaders and the way we vote should be based on principles and not just issues. Is an often-voice question. Overall, I’d recommend this short treatise as a great primer on liberty from one of it’s great champions. The current trend strikes a potentially fatal blow at the concept of the divine origin of our rights, and unlocks the door for an easy entry of future tyranny.

It’s really a shame that Benson’s message is so muddled by typographical errors because it is a message that needs to be understood. We should oppose communism from our position of strength for we are not weak.

Ask yourself whether or not you would have the authority as an individual to forcibly take life, liberty or property away from one who breaks the hte law. The Soviet constitution reflects this philosophy in its emphasis on security: If, in fact, governments I agree with quite a bit of the basic principle in this pamphlet, but I am troubled by the logic.


I have reference to the foundation of the Divine Origin of Rights; Limited Government; the pillars of economic Freedom and Personal Freedom, which result in Abundance; followed by Security and the Pursuit of Happiness. This book fails to follow that advice.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Verlan Anderson is included after the Benson article. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

They are the result and reward of hard work and industrious production. A most excellent paper!

That they are not to be violated but with his wrath? In particular I am opposed to any attempt on the part of the Federal Government to deny the people their right to bear arms, to worship and pray when and where they choose, or to own and control private property. As George Governmemt warned, “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence – it is force! Right and propfr as moral principles do not change.

It seems to me we could relieve ourselves of most of the bewilderment which so unsettles and distracts us by subjecting each situation to the simple test of right and wrong. On the surface this may sound heartless and insensitive to the needs of those less fortunate individuals who are found in any society, no matter how affluent. No mted by man. So I urge all Americans to put their courage to the test. I read this for the second time, also watched the video at jbs.

The message and principles that President Benson teaches in this book are simple, basic, and precise.

We should oppose communism from our position of strength for we are not weak. Having total respect for the author, it’s given me lots to think about!