Eurotherm Part No. HA Issue 7 June 2. A, A Specification Sheet. Specification. Recorder. Environmental performance. Temperature limits. View and Download Eurotherm A user manual online. Paperless graphic recorder. A Voice Recorder pdf manual download. Also for: a. View and Download Eurotherm A user manual online. and mm Paperless graphic recorder. A Voice Recorder pdf manual download. Also for.

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If there are too many faceplates to fit across the Trend display mode screen, they appear down the G r o u p n a m e Allows extra alarms to be set up for the copied point. None Archive must be initiated by the operator section 4. It will remain at this value until a successful download has been performed via Security Manager Software.

SS hours minutes, seconds format. Channel Number 2 Furn1 Temp1 Value Remove the recorder cover as described in section B2. These codes provide error information relating to failed requests.

Eurotherm 6100A User Manual

The status of each alarm is shown by one of the icons depicted in table 3, either flashing if it is active and unacknowledged or on continuously if it is active and acknowledged. For example, if a batch name of The register addresses must be found from the documentation supplied with the slave device. By click-dragging on the bottom right hand corner of the display, eurothsrm page size can be edited as required.

Recording failure – message Message explains recording failure – due to file error, internal overflow etc. Fred Stop Close Figure 4. Set channel 2 descriptor to: Colour representation varies from screen to screen. This allows each user to choose a sound including none suited to the local environment.


This job can be used to synchronise a number of recorders as follows: Circular Trend option displays are not supported in User screens with this release of software.

The fourth level – Service – is available only to service engineers.


Component info on screen Enabling this box causes a component description to appear at the top left corner of each component.

Initially, the Remote User Name is the same as the login name or access level.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. If one or more maths channels are configured with function ‘Constant’, eurother with this permission set, the user may edit the constant value s. In such cases, the supply voltage part of the wiring diagrams is replaced with that shown in figure The exported screen can subsequently be imported either into this recorder or into a different recorder.

Lockable flaps are identified by means of a padlock symbol printed towards the right hand end of the flap label. The contents of each group can be determined by reading the relevant register number, eyrotherm shown in sec- tion 8. Maths Number 1 Math 1 Value Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Mail Server Enter the name note 1 of the 6010a server or IP address here. A type J thermocouple is used to measure a temperature range of to degrees Celsius.

This allows, for example, recording to be enabled job 2 only whilst a Trend Freeze job job 1 is inactive i. If Centralised Security is enabled, none of the other parameters in this menu can be edited at the recorder. Changes can be made only using Security Management software. These lines are volatile in real-time i. The format which is automatically selected is based on the number of channels in the display group.


Parameter Description Foreground Colour The line colour of solid objects. Archiving is carried out on a group by group basis, with a message being sent to each group when its ar- chive is finished. Component info on screen Enabling this box causes a component description to appear at the top left corner of each component.

Enable If this window is not selected, none of the following fields appears, and the Remote Ekrotherm cannot be accessed. Power Up Displays power up messages only including Config Revision and Security revision are included. The files can be saved to a user-specified loca- tion, for use in Review or Quickchart applications.

Disable timer – stops the timer.

Span, Zone, Colour The following tables show the hexadecimal addresses for the specified bit etc. An ‘S’ symbol is displayed at the top of the screen whilst the recorder is in sales demo mode. At next log in, a pop-up dialogue box requests that a new password be entered. Time and date Cont. The flap unlocks for 5 seconds in the normal way to allow access to the stylus and the usbfront portbut a warn- ing message appears on the screen figure 2. At initiation, up to the time of the first sample reading, the displayed value is the average of the channel sampled every iteration i.

Spreadsheet numeric displays the number of days since December 30th