Directive /27/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October on energy efficiency, amending Directives //EC and. The objective of this survey is to consult stakeholders and citizens on the Review of Directive /27/EU on energy efficiency (EED), foreseen for the second. EU Publications · EU Open Data Portal · Ted · Whoiswho · CORDIS · Portal of the Publications Office of the EU · N-Lex. Switch to mobile; Switch to desktop.

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Each Member State shall set up an energy efficiency obligation scheme. Herkunftsnachweise sollten von handelbaren Zertifikaten unterschieden werden. By 30 June the Commission shall submit the assessment referred to in Article 3 2 to the European Parliament and to the Council, accompanied, if necessary, by proposals for further measures.

Artikel 18 Absatz 1 Buchstabe d Ziffer i. Within a given geographical boundary the assessment shall take into account the planned installation and any appropriate existing or potential heat demand points that could be supplied from it, taking into account rational possibilities for energieeffizienzrichtlihie, technical feasibility and distance. Energieeffizienzichtlinie States may decide not to set or apply the requirements referred to in paragraph 1 to the following categories of buildings: Only when the final customer has not provided a meter reading for a given billing interval shall billing be based on estimated consumption or a flat rate.

These may be related in particular to the statistical indicators enumerated in point a of this Part or combinations thereof, such as primary or final energy intensity or sectoral energy intensities. Electricity production from cogeneration shall be considered equal to total annual electricity production of the energieffizienzrichtlinie measured at the outlet of the main generators; i.

For the purpose of comparison of energy savings and conversion to a comparable unit, the conversion factors set out in Annex IV shall apply unless the use of other conversion factors can be justified. Producers of electricity generated from high-efficiency cogeneration should be allowed to issue a call for tender for the connection work.


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L 24 vom Transmission system operators and distribution system operators shall ensure that such services are part of a services bidding process which is transparent, non-discriminatory and open to scrutiny. As an alternative to setting up an energy efficiency obligation scheme under paragraph 1, Member States may opt to take other policy measures to achieve energy savings among final customers, provided those policy measures meet the criteria set out in paragraphs 10 and Member States shall take measures to ensure that: That Directive states that the second Energy Efficiency Plan adopted by the Member States shall be followed, as appropriate and where necessary, by Commission proposals for additional measures, including extending the period of application of targets.

Help Print this page. For the purpose of this Directive high-efficiency cogeneration shall fulfil the following criteria:. Exchange of experience between cities, towns and other public bodies should be encouraged with respect to the more innovative experiences.

Having regard to the treaty energieefffizienzrichtlinie the functioning of the european union, and in. The cost-benefit analyses shall provide information for the purpose of the measures in Article 14 5 and On the basis of the harmonised efficiency reference values referred to in point f of Annex II, Member States shall ensure that the origin of electricity produced from high-efficiency cogeneration can be guaranteed according to objective, transparent and non-discriminatory criteria laid energieeffizkenzrichtlinie by each Member State.

Artikel 18 Absatz 2 Buchstaben a und d. Article 3 Energy efficiency targets 1. When ek those targets, Member States may also take into account national circumstances affecting primary energy consumption, such as:.

The guarantee of origin referred to in Article 14 10 shall contain at least the following information:.

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To tap the energy savings potential in certain market segments where energy audits are generally not offered commercially such as small and medium-sized enterprises SMEsMember States should develop programmes to encourage SMEs to undergo energy audits. L vom 5. National Energy Efficiency Action Plans referred to in Article 24 2 shall provide a framework for the development of national energy efficiency strategies. In those energieeffzienzrichtlinie, alternative cost-efficient methods of heat energieeffizienzrichtllinie measurement may be considered.


Member States shall require that central government buildings with the poorest energy performance be a priority for energy efficiency measures, where cost-effective and technically feasible.

Where national legislation provides for more stringent measures, the Member State shall notify such legislation to the Commission. Member States shall lay down the rules on penalties applicable in case of non-compliance with the national provisions adopted pursuant to Articles 7 to 11 and Article 18 3 and shall take the necessary measures to ensure that they are implemented.

Die Mitgliedstaaten teilen der Kommission bis zum 5. The objective of such a Union-level scheme could be better achieved, at least at this stage, by means of national energy efficiency obligation schemes for energy utilities or other alternative policy measures that achieve the same amount of energy savings.

That report shall be accompanied, if appropriate, by proposals for further measures.

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In sectors where energy consumption remains stable or is growing, Energieeffizienzrjchtlinie States shall analyse the reasons for it and attach their appraisal to the estimates. Public bodies Article 5 National Energy Efficiency Action Plans shall include the list of public bodies having developed an energy efficiency plan in accordance with Article 5 7.

Use the Advanced search. Member States shall describe in detail in their first National Energy Efficiency Action Plan according to Annex XIV to this Directive, which other methods they have used and which provisions have been made to ensure this binding calculation requirement; and. General principles of the cost-benefit analysis. Article 27 Amendments and repeals 1.

Model contracts, exchange of best practice and guidelines, in particular for energy performance contracting, can also help stimulate demand. Calculation and forecast of prices and other assumptions for the economic analysis.