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It is possible to explore the higher dimensions by either going into the Chakras or by ascending your consciousness upwards through the column. These healing sounds are a great compliment to the rest of our products and are an excellent tool to begin playing with. Eventually the astral body has become a crystallized structure which successfully blocks out the pain vorlg the spirits disconnection from its source.

Because of these samskaras the etheric energy points are also likely to be blocked at these points and so the physical counterparts are affected as well.

The male sexual organs are a part of this Chakra and so his sexuality is very physical. As we move up to the 9th Dimension the physical substances become progressively lighter and have a higher vibration. As the chitta is such a refined substance, samskaras can be created very easily ethsn are much smaller. Some peoples Aura’s are quite closed due to a very solid ego structure which protects them from outside energies while others may have holes and be open due to gaps and a generally weak ego structure.

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Past Life Regression by Ethan Vorly | eBay

Being the center of creativity the throat has immense powers of creation. This dimension contains the Kundalini force which is infinite and is the ultimate nurturing force of all material creation. Although the Dimension’s are somewhat separate, they do interact and are all vital for each other. If you lose a physical organ you will still have this energetic part which will continue to function on the chi level, although often not as well as if the physical organ was still there.

It takes a normal person about 28 years to incarnate all of the astral energies they have brought with them. Ships from United States. Having the Hara open and a full Tan Tien is vital for real health and vitality. Learn more – opens in a new window or tab Any international postage is paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. The Light body includes the Chakra’s, Column and the Vorlg along with other structures of light which will be described etha.


All negative emotions must be released and resolved so that the heart may open once again to the higher self. Past Life Regression by Michael R.

Past Life Regression

There are other beings on far away planets that are both similar to us and very different who do live in the 3rd Dimension. The awakening and healing of the Chakra’s can also be sped up. Have one to sell? A multi-dimensional being could go to and explore Earth in all of the dimensions but humans can only see and explore her third dimensional aspect because we have a third dimensional body. Much of the 3rd dimension is not inhabited like it is on Earth as the environments on many of the Planets here are not hospitable.

Although similar to a Chakra the Hara is fundamentally different, it’s in a league of its own.

It is important now to understand what happens to these structures during incarnation and between lives. This structure can be very complicated and its purpose is to keep emotional pain under the surface. You can travel to almost any dimension in your light body. Jing is extremely precious and should be looked after to the utmost. You will experience for yourself and know for yourself and therefore you will not need to read ethab books on the subject.

The most loving humans and the enlightened ones that have graced the earth still only had a small amount of their heart energy. It is the ultimate yin energy being totally passive and ready to be formed into anything. Please keep in mind that other Authors may efhan slightly different definitions for certain words and some ideas may differ.

Depending on the positions of the planets in relation to Earth and each other the Astral Substances acquired will differ and hence the science of the Horoscope. With this type of make up a spontaneous awakening can cause far too much voltage to enter the energy bodies leading to the above scenario.

The more specific personality characteristics are a result of the astral substances which make up the astral body. The actual incarnation occurs at birth as this is when the being is brought into the 3rd dimension.

Metaphysics – Ethan Volroy

If this astral body has very little Mars force the stomach will be weaker and so less Mars Chi will be created to flow through etnan meridians. In this state the higher self is who you are with nothing to block its experience.

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This Tan Tien is a ball of etheric energy about the size of a soccer ball. Etnan feeling was very painful and felt very much like heartbreak. The two bodies interact with each other and any large samskara in the astral body will be accompanied by a group of smaller ones in the chitta. It is a constant sexual play where the Female Material Substance yearns to be molded by the Male Consciousness and the Male yearns to enter the Female and mold her substance into form.

In the 9 physical dimensions the Forces Of Consciousness have used the Material Forces from below the 1st to create form. As the experience was so great, the comedown is going to be massive, often too wthan to handle and it can go on for many years. For a male, if he was to stop ejaculating his vital ching into the universe and to instead draw it into his body, cultivate it and transform it he may find an orgasm that fills his entire body, stimulating all nerve endings, organs, glands and brain which can go on, in pulsating bursts for as long as he wishes.

It is then possible to easily find and release emotional scars from this life and past lives.

It is the substance that can recreate life, a fully potent creative energy. The ching is so dense and strongly vibrating that your physical nerve endings are stimulated by it and this is where the orgasmic feelings come from. Spiritual Awakening Spiritual Awakening can refer to quite a few phenomena and there are varying degrees of Awakening.

Learn more – opens in a new window or tab. Yoga is the science of spiritual transformation or Inner Alchemy. When the ching is aroused which is basically whenever you are etjan aroused it expands enormously and begins to vibrate more strongly.

The Light body, the Astral body, the Etheric, the Chitta and the Chakras are just a few of the structures that make us up. The Light body is more grounded now but its light is blocked by ego structure. You would be nurtured by wthan and she would take care of your security, safety and survival perfectly.