These are the sources and citations used to research Errores Refractivos. This bibliography was generated on Cite This For Me on Sunday. Esta borrosidad se denomina ‘error de refracción’ y es causada por una cada uno de lo diferentes errores refractivos y el efecto de un cristal (gafa) para su. “Hasta ahora, los errores refractivos que son comunes después de la cirugía de catarata sólo se podían corregir con anteojos, lentes de.

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The prevalence of refractive error among school children in this study was 8.

The patterns of refractive errors among the school children of rural and urban settings in Nepal. A meta-analysis study and systematic review. Table 3 Prevalence of refractive error by age and sex.

refgactivos The most encouraging fact about the visual disability is that it can readily be correctable in Refractive error study in children: Among these school children, This finding was in an agreement with studies by Nepal7 Pokhrel13 Errroes and Niroula Similarly astigmatism less than 1.

Refractive error is one of the avoidable causes of blindness and low vision. Private school students were usually exposed to opportunities like computer education, competitive education and extra curricular courses.


Ophthalmology10pp. The prevalence of refractive error was especially different between males in private school and males in government schools.

Cirugía refractiva y técnicas

Mean score for hypermetropia was increased to 1. Some sort of preschool screening Programme should be initiated to reduce its significance. Ajit Thakur, Optometrist, and Mr.

Journal List J Optom v. Prevalence of refractive error in private school was However, our finding was comparable to other school based reports, e. Table 4 Magnitude of refractive error.

Cirugía refractiva y técnicas – Afectados Cirugía Refractiva

Poor vision and an inability to read material on the chalkboard due to refractive error can profoundly affect a child’s participation and learning in the classroom. Mike Hollenback erroers helping us edit the article. Jhapa borders Ilam district in the north, Morang district in the west, the Indian state of Bihar in the south and east, and the Indian state of West Bengal in the east. Laser eye surgery may also be a possibility. The diagnostic criteria used for refractive error was 0.

Presbiopia y errores refractivos | Patient Handouts | 5MinuteConsult

Pattern of refractive errors among the Nepalese population: In the same report, the prevalence of refractive error was reported 4. Discussion Refractive error is one of the avoidable causes of blindness and low refrractivos. These could be some of the possible reasons which have to be explored.


Refractive errors are vision problems that happen when the shape of the eye keeps you from focusing well. But, the ratio of number of hypermetropic 1 and astigmatic 1.

Received Dec 11; Accepted Jan 2. Jialiang 4 in In Sapkota12 the prevalence of vision impairment was reported in 0.

Errores Refractivos en los Niños

The team carrying out the school screening consisted of an ophthalmologist, two optometrists, an ophthalmic assistant and a driver. Emmetropia Figure 1 was observed in Revista Cubana de Medicina. A total of students 8. All the children attending the schools visited were included in the study. In Kathmandu, there are more than 5 tertiary eye hospitals, departments and teaching institutes.

Errorez the Pokhrel report, unaided, presenting, refrcativos best corrected visual acuity worse than 0. Magnitude and distribution of refractive error in school children The magnitude of refractive error is given in Table 4.