Guest post from the one and only Eric Cressey detailing the importance of strength, and it’s role in the High Performance Handbook. Oct 26, It’s the last day (sale ends May 1st ) to get sale pricing on Eric Cressey’s new e-book The High Performance Handbook. The reason why. Oct 24, A lot of people have been asking my thoughts on Eric Cressey’s new High Performance Handbook. So, I asked him for a review copy in order to.

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When it came to building muscle, Eric initially struggled.

Contrary to what you might have been taught, strength and size are not higy exclusive. But will this book help set me on the right path to a personal best?

So, while I was hanging out at a cool with little effort, Eric was struggling to break Again I have no doubt lifting and yoga can help. Thanks for the clarification! Rather than give up training, he simply switched gears hansbook started to train for strength. But probably not the best choice for regular guys trying to look good at the club.

Luckily, we have men like you to oppose it. You think your buddies like it when you have to ask them for help moving your couch? This is something that really impressed me because it is something that I do with my private clients and have rarely fric addressed in other training manuals. It covers all the bases regardless if you are trying to bulk up, cut weight, or maintain.


Overall, The High Performance Handbook is a no nonsense, straightforward, clearly explained, and effective comprehensive program that addresses strength, mobility, motor dysfunction, and nutrition in a logical and methodical plan. All of which to say is that training for strength—and getting to be strong as a beast—was the thing that helped Cressey gain over 40 pounds of muscle over the years.

I’m an endurance athlete and would like to drop 30 minutes off my mountain bike time 22 miles with feet of climbing in an xterra.

With the introductions out of the way, prepare to get your learn on.

Eric Cressey High Performance Handbook Review – Elliott Hulse

You know what happens to people who lack stability and mobility? The strength pegformance via two avenues: Click perfoemance to learn more. I’m not overly concerned with weight loss. You might be thinking: The attention to detail, science, and practicality cresseey superb. I use the analogy of a glass strength and the fluid power in it to illustrate this point. Amazing resource, amazing price. Check it out right below:. Eventually, however, Cressey got a bit frustrated with his lack of progress, as anyone would.

Vressey graduating from the juniors, he kept training eventually went on to deadlift at a bodyweight of You see, when you first start training, you get stronger quickly.

Cressey is pretty much the perfect person to write the first piece in this series, for a few reasons, not all of which are immediately obvious.

Notify me of new posts by email. It covers everything, there are videos demonstrating all of the exercises, and there are substitutions recommended for anything that you might not be able to do at your gym.


However, what you may not realize is that one of the biggest contributing factors to injuries in the elderly is the loss of power they experience as they age.

Strength Matters, Ya Big Sissy

I would highly recommend to coaches and strength geeks seeking to improve their health, strength, and body composition. October 24, at 7: November 1, at 3: When I first met Eric, he had been drawn to the bodybuilding side of training; he wanted to get big, as do so many young guys.

Want More Awesome Shit? This actually applies to a number of different fitness qualities, too: Cressey is lean, strong, and pretty damn jacked. October 25, at 4: And, taking this a step further, the older you are, the more conservative you need to be with your weight selection, training frequency, and overall volume.

Now, first and foremost, I just want to get the obvious nonsense out of the way: But, those things aside, you should know that getting stronger generally increases athleticism. Here are just a few pics demonstrating the common postural distortions amongst most athletes. He is the author of the High Performance Handbookand has worked with hundreds of professional athletes, penned nearly a thousand articles at both his site and others, and is one of the foremost training authorities in the world.

Best of all, the damn thing is on sale at a great introductory price this week only.