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Fume cupboards – Part 3: Type test methods; German version EN Buy DIN EN () Fume cupboards Part 3: Type test methods; German and English version prEN from SAI Global. Room differential pressure: pa rear panel of testing room. Results of the type test of a fume cupboard according to. EN to certificate Nr.

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Air filtration for the protection of laboratory personnel.

Fume cupboards

Inside Erlab Erlab Our company, our history Global presence. Partners Integrators of our technologies Partners section. Replacement filters Captair replacement 1417-53 Buy your filter online.

Field-work protection Portable glove bag. Products Erlab Safety Program Register your product.

Erlab filters Buy your filter online. Technical Documents User Manuals Assembly instructions. Videos Product assembly Product features. The most stringent molecular filtration standard: This standard was developed by a committee of independent scientists and manufacturers specializing in molecular filtration and safety.


The standard establishes specific performance criteria for the quality of the filtered air that a fume hood operator must be able to breathe during their professional lifetime without encountering any health risks. You will never be exposed to 1175-3 chemicals! We state what our filters can do! Our in-house lab tests the retention capacity of our filters and we publish a list stating the chemical name, the molecular weight, the grams our filter can retain and 1417-3 what conditions, the filter type needed to retain the chemical, and the type of saturation detection you need.

Fume cupboards | IFI Aachen

Name of the chemical Chemical formula CAS number Boiling point Molecular mass Saturation vapor pressure The Erlab filter designed to trap this chemical The retention capacity of the Erlab filter The type of filter sn detection system needed The maximum mass of the chemical that may be introduced within the enclosure. The product in its entirety.


Click here to learn how the NF-X Ductless filtering fume hood CaptairFlex. Containment Test M FR.