JUAN VILLORO comenta de este libro: ” Si la admiración es un delito, Julio Villanueva Chang debe pasar el resto de su vida tras las rejas. Sin embargo, no se. Julio Villanueva Chang is the founding editor of Etiqueta Negra Magazine, He has published Elogios Criminales, a collection of his profiles, among other. “Elogios Criminales”, Villanueva Chang – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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Although many of the chronicler’s interests demonstrate an international outlook, his native Peru continues to be one of jhlio main frames of reference in his writing.

Impreso Villanueva Chang, Julio. At profile’s end, Dr. She is currently living in another city where it never rains: And once again, he compares Peru with Baldwin, Kansas, where del Barco grew up: Random House Mondadori, Her mother was the first person who found out how much he loved elogoos and she loved reading Etiqueta negra.

He spoke about the writer with familiarity, admiration, and without fake reverence.

By contrast, on the day of the interview in Florida, the tenor was quiet and calm: Linda Egan has argued that it is a distinct literary genre: Through a series of similes, the author describes the cooks’ frantic activity in the kitchen: The profile ends with del Barco crying like never before: Theoretical Perspectives on the Liminal Genre.


Villanueva Chang, aware of the fact that the Colombian author rarely gives interviews any more, opted to see him through his dentist. His journalistic style opted for simplicity: Villanueva Chang summarizes the experience of eating at El Bulli with the following two sentences: The second part deals with the author’s second visit to the restaurant in Chronicles and Profiles, an anthology of his chronicles published in the journal El Comercio between andand Elogios Criminales Criminal Praise, another anthology of seven profiles published by Random House Mondadori, Mexico.

The Contemporary Mexican Chronicle. Among other anecdotes, we find out that he Herzog was in the stand-by list of that same plane, that he walked from Germany to Albania and to Paris, that he once hypnotized his actors during the filming of Heart of Glassand that he made an indigenous tribe carry a ship through a mountain because he hates special effects.

After she died, recalls the author, he felt guilty for all the moments he did not spend with her, but he also began to remember happy moments, like the day when she gave him a gift: The first sentence describes a demystifying scene: Then, the profile describes him as a very strange Chinese, because he was so well adapted to Peruvian culture: For fifty years, this sixty-six-year-old Narcissus has posed for generations of students at the National School of Fine Arts.

And he often uses the person in the profile as a pretext to expose deeper truths. It is devoted as much to Mandalit del Barco, an American chronicle writer for National Public Radio from Kansas who went to Peru to film a documentary, as it is about the contrasts between Peru and the United States.


Working on the magazine, he adds, would become therapeutic to overcome the pain of seeing his mother pass away. Villanueva Chang explains that his grandfather, like all Chinese dlogios, was a gambler. Del Barco finally moved to Los Angeles, where she experienced an eelogios of seven degrees.

“Elogios Criminales”, Villanueva Chang – Free Download PDF

We find out that del Barco is travelling to the town of Ayacucho, where the terrorist group Sendero Luminoso murdered three of the women in her family: Villanueva Chang describes his mother and his own sufferings those days. He then presents Villanueva Chang as the last great chronicle writer in this Peruvian tradition. In this respect, the chronicle exceeds not only the generic limits of the essay but also of history, journalism, sociology, anthropology, metaphysics, comparative religion, philosophy, and other assertive genres.

Recomendamos la Lectura de la Revista en los browsers: He was once arrested for playing the Chinese board game of crmiinales.