Caught Stealing by Charlie Huston The Power of the Dog by Don Winslow Si HBO hiciera una serie basada en El poder del perro, me olvidaría rápido de. El poder del perro (Spanish Edition) eBook: Don Winslow: : Kindle Store. Buy El poder del perro / The Power of the Dog Translation by Don Winslow (ISBN : ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free.

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Please try again later. Winslow proves to us that ethics is only possible if you have a choice: Be it Nora or Callan, who they start out as is vastly different from the person they grow to be.

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Some of the characters get a few too many convenient escapes from impossible situations. Unfortunately, he also writes lines like: The final installation called The Border is …more Power of the Dog is one of a three parts series. Having said that, if this novel’s painstaking research is any indication last count, the author spent 6 years doing research to pull this one off – that’s 2, days deo what you will read will floor you. The author fills his decades in scope narrative with a heady mix of tasty characters to get to know.

If you liked these perr, I’d definitely suggest you consider just about anything by Mario Puzo ell the Godfather series. View all 5 comments. If this sounds like your brand of nose candy, there’s a sequel of sorts The Cartel written ten years later, and it’s easy to see how the author’s six years of research led to his Drugs-in-Laguna cycle.

Keller was actually a tool. Every victory over a supplier simply ups the price, making the risk of drug-running even more attractive. Start reading El poder del perro Spanish Edition on eprro Kindle in under a minute.

Imagine a mix of Traffic, Sicari I’ve owned this book for years but kept putting it off until now.

El poder del perro: : Don Winslow, Eduardo G. Murillo: Books

But It didn’t feel like I was reading it in reverse as much e, just digging deeper. I find it horrific. Simply, the best book I have ever read. The Power of the Dog manages to seamlessly transition between scope and intimacy, to show us both the bigger picture, and to give us a gritty feel for the smaller details. And it’s all very tragic, because all of this violence and death is part of a silly “War” on Drugs where the priorities doh the objectives have been skewed big time, a war that should’ve ended a long time ago.


When it was great, it was all about man and the Big Idea, or First Contact. It quite an intense read in places. Art later learns that the Barreras used him to eliminate the competition and give them the opportunity to set up an organization that will get rich running cocaine from South America into the United States.

El poder del perro – Don Winslow – Google Books

Art Keller, a semi-bent DEA agent; Angel, Adan and Raul Barrera, who build, lose, and rebuild a drug-trafficking empire in Sinaloa and Baja; Nora Hayden, a high-priced call girl; Juan Parada, a crusading priest; Callan, a New York Irish hit man; and some bit players who for a few pages tell the story until usually their own stories are cut short.

Fran Armijo The book is full of scenes of violence, some of that are really disgusting, but they’re written in a very natural style and don’t go deep. Power of the Dog 1. In popular crime fiction, this is frequently demonstrated by the tough Irish cop with whom no one will mess. Apart from the frenetic action, Winslow also takes care to show us the big picture of the drug trade. Unfortunately, it derives from ugly truth. La sinopsis os dice de que va. It is far too brutal.

I am not comparing authors here. A book that finds the perfect balance between it’s attention to detail and research, it’s sensitivity to character, and it’s great structure, all wrapped up in passionate prose. This is the type of book that doesn’t come around too often.

A raid by drug enforcement agents. Apr 06, Harry rated it really liked it Podfr You’d better have a well-developed taste for cynicism and dark conspiracy, too, because the author throws in every misdeed any side has ever been accused of. Who or what are we waging war against? I would’ve placed the book down were it not for the scene involving the Mexico City earthquake.


Power of the Dog can sit next to other books that portray the American Dream as dark bruise, such as Libra, American Tabloid, donn Dog Soldiers, but it may feel uncomfortable as it lacks their power of prose, depth of character none of the characters are cartoons thoughand stylistic heights: No, stay with me.

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Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Fiction cannot devise horror to surpass the realities of this sad world. He provides you with a cast of characters and story reminiscent of The Godfatherbut with the intensity of Dog Soldiers by Robert Stone.

It’s brutal, it’s bloody, it’s fucking intense. Winslow’s protagonist is Art Keller, a Vietnam Veteran. This is rather glaring in a novel that encompasses just about everything else. From the bowels of the Mexican drug cartel to the sunny blood encrusted sand on US soil, Art wheels and deals in the lives of innocents and gangsters alike in his quest for vengeance.

Adan Barrera is perhaps the most sympathetic cartel boss you’ll ever meet, while Keller is a most principled cop you’ll watch trading away all his principles, one by one, to achieve revenge for the wrongly killed. This is dirt, not gloss, and blood, not sunscreen. Along the way, we get a subterranean history of American meddling in Latin America and the parallel capture of the area’s governments by the tsunami of drug money that engulfed everyone on all sides.

However, the book wandered off point extensively in the first half, especially an dpn start with a scene from much later in the novel. May 11, Lyn rated it really liked it. The focus has to be on the demand side of the equation. Having said that, I must also say that this is also a very long read and I was tiring of it with pages to go.