Ann Anat. Jul; doi: / Epub Apr 3. Medical Students’ Assessment of Eduard Pernkopf’s Atlas: Topographical. The following biography is mainly based on the article “The History of Eduard Pernkopf’s Topographische Anatomie des Menschen” (see bibliography) by David. A University of Vienna investigation determined in that Eduard Pernkopf’s anatomy department used bodies of executed prisoners from the Gestapo and.

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With the help of other parties, Dr. Pernkopf remained dean untilduring which time he completed his first atlas, then from to he was Rektor Magnificus president of the University of Vienna.

Eduard Pernkopf and the Ethics of Science from Holocausts

This occurred at about the same time as the AnschlussGermany’s annexation of Austria into the Third Reich. For the next eight years he taught anatomy pernkof various institutions in Austria. Questions have been raised recently about the propriety of using an atlas created by a Nazi and illustrated by dissections of cadavers whose identities are unknown, prrnkopf who could have been victims of Nazi political terror. He died suddenly of a stroke while working on the first book of the fourth volume.

Some of these were deported to concentration camps like Theresienstadt and Dachau, in which only a few survived. As he attained his full professorship he was offered a contract to expand it into a publishable book, and he eagerly accepted. In the mid s, however, when the university’s wartime practices were investigated, it was assumed that Pernkopf arranged for the bodies of nearly people executed by the Gestapo, mostly for political reasons, to serve as models for the atlas’ drawings. Pernkopf began his atlas in Wilhelm Dietz, older than the others, contributed paintings of the neck and pharynx during his two years on the project.

List people by country List people alphabetically List eponyms alphabetically List all women alphabetically. One of his first acts as dean was to purge the medical school faculty of Jews and other undesirable members.

He taught Pernkopf topographical anatomy and in Pernkopf became his assistant. This edurd the question faced by many doctors and scientists. Some readers have wondered if the bodies shown in cutaway may have been Jewish inmates at concentration camps[13] since they appear gaunt and have shaved heads or close-cropped haircuts.

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InPernkopf reached the pinnacle of the academic career ladder when perkopf was named the University of Vienna’s rectorits highest official.

After the war they were joined by Werner Platzer. Wiesenthal himself answered that it was unlikely, since during the Third Reich the Vienna Landsgerichtor district court, passed death sentences solely on “non-Jewish Austrian patriots, communists and other enemies of the Nazis.

The first volume of the atlas was published in Archived from the original on The first of them was Erich Lepier who, for a while, signed his paintings with a Hakenkreuz swastika. To him who is the proclaimer of National Socialist thought and the new way of looking at the world and in whom the legend of history has blossomed and has awakened and who has the heroic spirit within him, the greatest son of our homeland, we prrnkopf to give our gratitude and also to say that we doctors with our whole life and our whole soul gladly wish to serve him.

His fortunes would change radically as a result. This resulted in the establishment of the Senatorial Project of the University of Vienna “Studies in Anatomical Science in Vienna from to ” [11] in In his address The Silence of WordsDr. The methods by which racial hygiene proceeds are well known to you: This raises quite real ethical questions.

With the exception of Lepier, ineligible for service because of his severe varicose veinsall the artists entered military service. Also inhe joined the Nazi Party ‘s foreign organization. Finally, the author offers his own perspective as a young gross anatomist and physician. Retrieved 7 November I have a good friend who is an Israeli neurosurgeon. This survey of medical eponyms and the persons behind them is meant as a general interest site only.

Retrieved 11 November Pernkopf instructed them to paint the organs they saw in as much detail as possible, to make them look like living tissue in print. Beautiful anatomical drawings were created, but this was only made possible by the unethical and unlawful procurement of the anatomical remains of murdered victims of an evil Nazi regime—thus beauty and evil were fused. There was some tension among them as the three who had served felt Lepier, with whom they had never been close personally to begin with, had had a much easier time of it during the war than they had, a bitterness aggravated by the Third Reich’s defeat by the Allies.


Their collaboration coincided with the development and refinement of four-colour separation, a printing technique which enabled the more than watercolour paintings produced for his work to be reproduced in colour with great fidelity to the originals. He worked hour days dissecting corpses, teaching classes and discharging his administrative responsibilities while a team of artists created the images that would eventually be in the atlas.

When he was released in he was in many ways a broken and dispirited man, but returned to the university, stripped of all titles, to resume work on his atlas. Pernkopf Anatomy Atlas, He served in the military as a physician for a year during World War I.

Eduard Pernkopf – Wikipedia

Some of the scientists who were involved in bringing the activities of Pernkopf and other Nazi-era anatomists to light advocate for the atlas’ continued use.

The two-volume English-language edition included the original signatures including the Nazi symbols. The request from Yad Vashem was initially denied; but the issue did not end. Views Read Edit View history. However, he was arrested by American military authorities in August pernkopc, and by May he had been terminated from all his remaining positions with the university.

Eduard Pernkopf was the son of a practicing physician and the youngest of three children. University of South Africa. He worked by himself while Pernkopf resumed his prewar schedule despite the privations he had endured. Two of his former colleagues, Alexander Pickler and Werner Platzer, completed it for its publication.