Consilience has ratings and reviews. Manny said: At first, I wasn’t sure I liked Consilience. E.O. Wilson is frank about his disdain for philos. “A dazzling journey across the sciences and humanities in search of deep laws to unite them.” –The Wall Street Journal One of our greatest. Wilson was excoriated for his knowledge claims, for his logic, for his intentions, and for his conclusions. Consilience was truly judged to be a.

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These, though interesting, have the feel of expanded lecture notes, and cover what most of cojsilience have already seen condilience read before. I really think that it would have helped had Wilson taken some of these criticisms seriously for all that the tone of Vaulting Ambition was, like the very consioience, mocking and designed to give offence.

Wilson Snippet view – Mar 07, Jimmy rated it really liked it Shelves: But Wilson’s whole point is that questions traditionally sitting outside science– mind-body, aesthetics and ethics– are legitimate scientific problems. Wilson’s frustrating vagueness mars even his discussion of points that lie at the heart of his project.

Though he started with the small–ants, that is–he has, at each stage of his career, turned to bigger and bolder things. I alienated people, I talked about James Joyce a lot.

In the face of climate change and potential ecosystem collapse due to human consumption, it seems even less likely that the tools required to collect, aggregate, analyze, and act on the data most relevant to these hypercomplex problems will be produced in time to turn the tide. You can’t argue what the labor value of any given consiliencs organ is, or if one species of canine is socially oppressed by the other.


Maybe this kind of picture is a viable alternative to consilience.

Looking for More Great Reads? Here, for example, is his discussion of how biology might explain creativity in the arts:. For each such generalisation, there is the proprietary vocabulary that is required in order for our discourse to express it.

Consilience (book) – Wikipedia

This article has multiple issues. The table of elements; not much room for improvisation.

But one morning the farmer comes and wrings his neck. Ergosocial scientists, or anyone else who wants to understand culture, had better know some biology. As Wilson explains, mental phenomena pose two essentially different challenges, the so-called easy and hard problems of consciousness. Thanks for telling us about the problem. That, in and of itself, is an entirely different Pandora’s Box that I’d rather not crack open right now.

Wilson also does a good job of digging up interesting but obscure bits of science, such as prosopagnosia, in which specific brain lesions leave victims unable to recognize faces, but not other objects. Read it Forward Read it first. He lifts up evolutionary psychology which has become a dead-end in his efforts to justify this fantasy of his.

Even the humanities will “draw closer to the sciences and partly fuse with them.

Mar 01, Lane Ward rated it really liked it Shelves: And the pace can be confidently predicted: The disciplines are too boldly demarcated, it is often said, each a small nation state prowled about by a tight pride of leonine experts who snap at ignorant consiliience invaders.

He well may be too sanguine about the possibilities of creating a unified theory of knowledge, but his advocacy of consilience is admirable.


Review of E.O. Wilson’s “Consilience”

And none of this goes away no matter how well you understand the hypothalamus. For this is consiilence by a discussion of the “conventional wisdom” that scientific fact and art “can never be translated into each other. Drawing on the physical sciences and biology, anthropology, psychology, religion, philosophy, and the arts, Professor Wilson shows why the goals of the original Enlightenment are surging back to life, why they are reappearing on the very frontiers of science and humanistic scholarship, and how they are beginning to sketch themselves as the blueprint of our world as it most profoundly, elegantly, and excitingly is.

To see this, consider one of the most famous of evolutionary arguments, Fisher’s theory of why most species have equal numbers of males and females 2. In this groundbreaking new book, the American biologist Edward O. But he bends over backwards to emphasize that he’s not conzilience naive genetic determinist.

All consiliene the humanities through the social sciences to the natural sciences–can be unified. Using a Morselike code of staccato firing, the cell sends its own message outward to others. There are patterns that appear only if you consider multiple fields at the same time.

Sure enough he had a lame excuse for a beard, and deliberately mussed-up hair atop his excessively squinty facial constitution; fucking college kids. But as genetic connections to a phenomenon grow weaker, their explanatory power falls.