View and Download Motorola Symbol DS product reference manual online. Motorola Symbol DS Digital Imager Scanner. Symbol DS Barcode. User manual for the device Motorola SYMBOL DS Online user manual database. Please note- this programming guide is only intended for use with the RetailOps application. Please contact the manufacturer for standard.

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Motorola SYMBOL DS6707 Manuals

Select the redundancy level appropriate for the bar code quality. TCPprovides transport functions, which ensures that the total amount of bytes sent is received correctly at the other end.

Advanced Data Formatting11 – 3Rule 1: Service Information Any changes or modifications to Symbol Technologies equipment, not expressly approved by Symbol Technologies, could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.

The structural rules and conventions for representing data within a particular bar code type e. Sign up for exclusive POSGuys promos. Scanning Sequence Examples NOTEThe digital scanner has a cropping resolution of 4 pixels. Scanning In Presentation Mode Alternates direct and indirect illumination.

Miscellaneous Scanner Parameters The average probability that dd6707 single scan of a bar code mankal result in a successful decode. Page SSI Interface 6 – 11Host Character Time-outParameter EFhThis parameter determines the maximum time the decoder waits between characters transmitted by the hostbefore discarding the received data and declaring an error.


In addition to any single character prefix already selected, the Code IDcharacter is inserted between the prefix and the decoded symbol. Table of Contents QR Code Symbology Parameter Defaults Table lists the defaults for all symbologies parameters.

Motorola reserves the right to make changes to any product to improve reliability, function, or design. Toaccomplish this, the I 2 of 5 code must be enabled, and the code must have a leading zero and a valid EANcheck digit.

Signature Capture Jpeg Quality The structural rules and conventions for representing data within a particular bar code type e.

Motorola SYMBOL DS Manuals

Send Right Control Key Enables the full illumination system default. The recognition pattern is variable so it can optionally provide an index to various signatures. Send commands activate thisparameter. Select the number of stop bits one ortwo based on the number the receiving terminal is programmed to accommodate. Set the pause by scanning a two-digit number i. Imaging Preferences Introduction Otherwise, data may not reach the host device or may reach it in distorted form.

Symbol length does not include start and stop characters. The opening in an optical system defined by a lens or baffle that establishes the field of view. Boot Up Event Other types of ISBT codes are not concatenated. Aim Code Identifiers Select Do Not Buffer Code 39 to transmit all decoded Code 39 symbols immediately without being stored in the buffer. Scanning JPEG Quality Selector default setting on page produces a compressed image that isconsistent in quality and compression time.


This standard is the protocol of the Internet and has become the global standard for communications.

It has been replaced by the Zebra DS Also, if the decoder wants to send, and the host was already granted permission to send, the decoder waits for the designated time-out before declaring an error. Message Containing A Specific Data String Advanced Data Formatting 11 – 23 Message Containing A Specific Data String Use this feature to select whether the formatting affects data that begins with a manuual character or data string, or contains a specific character or data string.

Symbology Parameter Defaults