The corpora is a kind of bylaws for the Kingdom, and contains the rules Winds Corpora (Current as of January ); Dragonspine Corpora. wm_corpora_pdf. Kingdom Corpora coming soon. Dragonspine Corpora updated Dragonspine Corpora Amtgard Monster Manual. Dragonspine! As we are now officially into the month of the crown it is once again time to clean the slate for reeves and corpora certified. Per corpora to be.

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A member must have signed in on at least twelve full-credit regular meeting days during the previous six months in order to vote.

Documents and Links – Sacramento Amtgard (Sacramento, CA) | Meetup

The records must be updated on a weekly basis. The Guildmaster of Reeves shall work with the Monarch and the Champion to ensure that the rules are applied accurately and fairly. The Monarch shall be elected during the Month of the Crown. This clause has been affected by amendment V.

Changes to the Amtgard Rules of Play only apply in Dragonspine. There is an urgent need for the forces of the kingdom.

I might cofpora want it to mean that, and it might not mean that in my kingdom, but because one kingdom does it differently, I no longer have that choice.

The situation right now is that three-quarters of the kingdoms of Amtgard have their own standards for the way dragonapine give awards. Amending the Corpora requires a two-thirds vote of the Althing.


Order of the Dragon

Both tests shall consist of twenty-five questions each. The Monarch may bestow any order, masterhood, title, or knighthood to any member of the Kingdom of Dragonspine or its sponsored chapters. Any kingdom that messes with awards anywhere in Amtgard is changing your Corpora.

A complete term of office “reign” for royalty, “term” for other officers lasts six months. Monarch and Regent may both grant Orders of the Dragon.

You can earn three different knighthoods with the same set of awards. Proxy votes may be e-mailed to the Prime Minister no later than twenty-four hours before the closing of the polls. Should funds in the treasury go missing and the Prime Minister is found to be responsible, the Prime Minister will be required to make amends for those funds and may be subject to legal action.

Write-in candidates are not permitted. The College of Arts and Sciences typically meets on Tuesday. Only dues-paid members may vote in an election. The Monarch shall have the power to break ties as detailed under the powers of the Monarch. To pass a vote of confidence, a candidate must receive more votes than a ‘no confidence’ option and any other candidates.

Monthly equipment checks shall be scheduled and announced ahead of time and shall be conducted in a public manner. Should the position of Prime Minister become empty, the Guildmaster of Reeves shall conduct a new election to elect a pro-tem Prime Minister. The Guildmaster corpkra Reeves may be dismissed by a joint decision of the Monarch and the Prime Minister, or a two-thirds decision of the dues-paid members of the Reeves Guild who have earned dragonapine credits within the past six months.


Outstanding achievements in the arts garb, art, music, literature, etc. Prime Minister elections shall be conducted by the Guildmaster of Reeves.

The Prime Minister is responsible for coorpora the kingdom treasury, and for maintaining accurate and current records thereof. The Regent shall be in charge of the coronation and midreign events. The Champion is responsible for ensuring that all battlegames and battlefield equipment are legal and safe according to the Amtgard Rules of Play.

Great job dealing with the ninja yall. The Monarch may never receive any orders, titles, masterhoods or knighthoods while in office. The Guildmaster shall be elected during dfagonspine Month of the Crown.

Join Amtgard!

Dragonspine, i hope everyones holidays have been incredible. Or the flame belt, perhaps. Reeve a game 4 spaces The Guildmaster of Reeves shall work with the Champion to ensure that all battlefield equipment is legal and safe according to the Amtgard Rules of Play. An ocrpora in one kingdom should mean the same in all kingdoms.

If a candidate loses a vote of confidence, the office shall be filled by a pro-tem officer as per these bylaws.