Motorola DP EX is intrinsically safe, professional, licenced and digital two way radio. DP Ex is currently one of the leading ATEX two way radios and it . The Motorola DP Ex ATEX portable radio is IP67 rated and built for demanding environment use. Features man down, lone work and integrated GPS . Find the best price on ATEX radio systems and the Motorola DPEx digital two way radio at Radiotronics.

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Please contact us at sales airadio. Safe, reliable communication is absolutely critical in such dangerous environments. The supervisor can then dispatch another team member to the non-reponsive team member’s last known location to offer assistance. Or click here to read questions raised by other customers. This works is almost the same way as your smart phone which taex if you have it positioned portrait mode or landscape mode.

Radios which support Man Down are fitted with an accelerometer or similar device which allows xtex to detect the orientation of the radio. There are stil a very many MPT solutions still installed and that’s why some new radios have the ability to operate on an MPT system.

Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO™ Digital Portable Radio: DP4401 Ex ATEX

Usually MPT functionality is an optional extra by way of having an MPT option board fitted in the radio, or a software activation.


Question successfully submitted for approval. Two Way Radio GPS GPS global positioning system is a mechanism which a device can use a number of in-range satellites to trangulate it’s position and transmit that position back to the repeater or base station.

When the call ends, th e channel is allocated back to the available channel pool. Be the first to ask a question for this product. Ideal for hazardous work with loud noise, long shifts, rough weather and dangerous conditions including combustible dust, explosive chemicals, gas leaks, flammable hydrocarbons and more.

DP/ EX serie | Zenitel

Dp44401 a basic Capacity Plus repeater licence you get 25 radio licences included. IP67 Ingress Protection means that the radio is fully protected against intrusion of dust, whilst also being safeguarded against submersion in water for extended periods of time. This enables the user to potentially build a reasobably large multi-site system at relatively low cost. Here are just some of the accessories available for the Motorola DP Ex.

Plus radios and accessories that are ATEX-certified intrinsically safe. If they fail to do so, their radio will start making an audible sound. Transmit Interrupt Transmit interrupt is a feature that enables a high priority transmission to take priority over normal priority transmissions.

Threats from explosive gas or combustible dust, on an oil rig or in an open mine, your workers confront them daily. Capacity Plus will automatically select aex available time slot for the radio trasmission. See “Indoor tracking” for indoor solutions. Go up Contact Us. The DPEx makes use of a transmit interrupt feature that will xtex an important message over any ongoing conversations, this can be used in instances where an incident has taken place atxe where new instructions are needed to be relayed to a team of workers.


MPT Trunking MPT is an analogue trunking soution that makes use of multiple repeaters and creates “channel pools”. Need Some Help You can contact us on as we can advise on our full range of products available, we will not be beaten on price. Ep4401 take the time to leave us a review.

DP-4401 ATEX

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With exceptional voice quality, long battery life and ATEX-rated for safety, the DP Ex Series keeps your workers connected safely and productively, wherever the job takes them. The DPEx is the non-display version.

Brochure Download Click here to download brochure. This enables the supervisor to more effectively manage team members by knowing their current location. You can contact us on as we can advise on our full range of products available, we will not be beaten on price.

Any of our handheld two way radios can be programmed to SImple UK.