Why Diamond Nexus The Knot Our Guarantee Our Science The 4C’s of Diamonds Cuts of Diamond Nexus Gemstones Gemstone Size Chart The DreamBook®. Title: Diamond Nexus Engagement Guide, Author: Diamond Nexus, Name: Diamond Nexus Visit to order your $25 DreamBook ®. The Dreambook~ filled with over pages of rings~ Order today and start planning your Discover ideas about Lab Created Diamonds Diamond Nexus . 3.

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I remember scouring nexud blogs when I was shopping, so I thought I would give my two cents with having the ring a while. Also, if your stond ever came off accidently, DNL will replace it for free. Didnt see that on the site. We picked up the mounted stone at the jeweler and it looked beautiful.

It is 2c and I feel like it sparkles too much. The reason pawn shops and even some jewelry stores can dreanbook is that they check the ring with a laser to look for the code that the federal necus commission requires be etched in all imported diamonds.

We have more money now, but like you mention in your post, I hate how women think they have to have a diamond worth thousands, so I went with a dreambok amethyst ring for my permanent wedding ring. If that is important to you, I would go with a size that you could afford diamond wise. Dan — Well said. Or say to hell with the whole diamond thing and get really cool bands.


Every Gal Needs Something That Sparkles: Diamond Nexus Earring Review!

I would love to have my next ring be from DNL. I wanted something flashy, but not too over the top. How the company stays in business after diamon off so many buyers is a mystery!!!

I received two fabulous pairs of earring from Diamond Nexus, first we will talk about my favorite pair Mia. And I want to thank you for it and the comments that followed, it helped me creambook ok with the ring I recieved.

Dream Book Semi Custom: The claims about the hardness of these stones is completely untrue. I will be sure to post again and let everyone know.

Every Gal Needs Something That Sparkles: Diamond Nexus Earring Review! | Jenns Blah Blah Blog

I ran into a door frame a few weeks ago and gave myself a huge bruise on my hand, but the ring was unscathed. I purchased a very pretty engagement ring from DNL without looking on the web for reviews. My husband agreed, and so it was done. Side-by-side comparison at diaomnd work bench — my DNL stone is whiter than diampnd Moissanite — but it just depends on what nsxus like. Is it just the setting that is the same? My husband and I were searching for engagement rings and came across this website Diamond Nexus.

He was currently saving money for a ring…when surprise! The stone looked very vibrant, clear, and when held up to the rest of the ring looked just great. We are talking about business people here, and probably ones that had guidance. To address a few of the posts above: I own horses, a motorcycle and tend to be very hard on things, especially jewelry. Any women would love to own these earrings. It still looks as good as it did when I got it, and I still get compliments from strangers about how pretty it is.


Michelle told me that it might not sparkle because of the altitude of where I live. My suggestion, start with DNL, you will be very happy; they have a great diamohd. So I am in that position again and have drea,book issue buying their product.

When I opened it up on Christmas it looked exactly like a Cubic Zirconia stone.

I’ve never heard of Diamond Nexus. I can see how the negative reviews could very well be true. They have the worst customer service and 3 diamonds fell out within 2 weeks of getting the ring.

They paid, in nexuz opinion, a ridiculous amount and the pendant still looks better. I have had the ring for 6 months and it is very beautiful. Most of the jewelry pictured in the DNL catalog and on their website includes huge stones.

I am NOT associated with DNL in any way other than loving them and hoping to purchase more sparkly things from them in the future. I stumbled on this post and wanted to add my 2 cents. Thanks for posting this!