Chapter 4. Required files under the debian directory. Table of Contents. Chapter 6. Building the package. Table of Contents. Complete (re)build. dh_installdeb(1) automatically flags any files under the /etc directory as conffiles, with the exception of d which follows the format of crontab(5).

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Debian New Maintainers’ Guide.

This document was made using these two documents as examples: Table of Contents 1. Getting started The Right Way 1.

Package: maint-guide-de (1.2.39)

Social dynamics of Debian 1. Programs needed for development 1. Documentation needed for development 1. Where to ask for help 2.

Debian — Details of package maint-guide-de in stretch

Debian package building workflow 2. Choose your program 2. Get the program, and try it out 2. Simple build systems 2. Popular portable build systems 2. Package name and version 2. Initial non-native Debian package 3. Modifying the source 3.


Setting up quilt 3.

Package: maint-guide (1.2.42)

Fixing upstream bugs 3. Installation of files to their destination 3. Required files under the debian directory 4. Targets of the rules file malnt-guide. Default rules file 4.

Customization of rules file 5. Other files under the debian directory 5.

Building the package 6. Complete re build 6. Checking the package for errors 7. Verifying a package’s installation 7. Verifying a package’s maintainer scripts 7. The debc command 7. The debdiff command 7. The interdiff command 7.

The mc command 8. Updating the package 8. New Debian revision 8. Inspection of the new upstream release 8. New upstream release 8. Updating the packaging style 8.

Reminders for updating packages 9. Uploading the package 9. Uploading to the Debian archive 9. Building a shared library package A. Getting started The Degian Way.