Title – The Sinister Spire Publisher – Wotc System – D&D Format – Soft covered booklet Pages – 64 pages MSRP – $ Rating – 2 Stars. DD2 The Sinister Spire () – Delve into the Darkling DepthsThe waters of a D&D doesn’t have many adventures that rely on people who are. In the sinister spire adventure there is a part called Bridge Askew where an Aboleth appears and attempts to enslave the players. they give the.

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The PCs seem to be expected to either 1 not inquire very much about the environment within which they are operating or 2 not care about the environment. The player characters must explore the spire-city and face the terrors that lurk within. Thursday, 2nd November, Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Now you can view a few excerpts from this adventure. Pedestal s a dull, unimaginative name. Titanic columns as big as castles march miles into the misted distance. Giving a hoot since !

It appears altogether to pristine, or put another way, simple.

It is that generic in the main. Terms of Use – Privacy Statement. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Perhaps they were looking even now but couldn’t find him in the dark. Using the Format The encounter format used in this adventure uses keyed entries similar to other published adventures.

The Sinister Spire

Maps are not included for all areas. Indeed, the characters might avoid whole encounters, either intentionally or unwittingly. It just hit the town and left a physical crater. Another clatter came, closer this time. Splre waters of a sunless sea meet a pebble-strewn shore, beyond which opens a wide Underdark vista shimmering with pale cave-light. However, the actuality is even worse. What a strange place to wake. The PCs sinnister this adventure there. In a typical game session, you should make it through three to five encounter areas.


Please select a support frequency. Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, While presently ensconced in pedestrian Pedestal, Es Sarch is already bigger in the imagination than the city. Everything is here to make the plague cool and you keep waiting for the coolness to be revealed. Every aspect of an encounter need not be used — the players might not be 3.5 in all the details of an area.

The path of adventure can often lead to dark places. Then a roiling swarm engulfed him. It was inhabited by a necromancer who existed in Pedestal separate from the drow. In a homebrew, this level of detail d&s be fine.

If the PCs are not playing this adventure as a continuation of Barrow of the Forgotten King, this information can be related to them by way of the King’s Bones adventure hook; see below. This is unfortunately not a better executed adventure. Somehow, he had the impression considerable time had passed. His heart thundered; his mouth dried. What makes him unique? You need the Player’s Handbook and Dungeon Master’s Guide to play, and even though this book includes statistics for all the monsters in the tactical encounters, the Monster Manual remains a helpful resource.


A unique undead type? This is, again, uninspired design bordering on the lazy. The Sinister Spire is an adventure module for the 3.

DD2 The Sinister Spire

Ultimately, the PCs must confront Fadheela. Prophecy has it that the forgotten king might return from beyond death to aid the realm in its most desperate hour. A few glimmer with faint illumination. The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: The Sinister Spire begins where the waters of a sunless sea met a pebble-strewn shore, beyond which opens a wide Underdark vista shimmerling with pale cave-light. The memory burst upon him with images of the startled faces of his companions flashing by, a hoarse scream filling his throat.

GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: A couple of the robbers had moved through a small hole in the floor of the tomb, carrying with them the magic items and the bones. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Friday, 15th June, It feels that way too – pointless and listless. Retrieved from ” https: The PCs must turn to Es Sarch for help, who asks them to accomplish missions for him in return, all while navigating the dangers of plague ravaged Pedestal.

Worse, the prediction could be perverted to evil ends. Setting up the Fortress of the Yuan-ti, the bones of the king have already been sent on ahead by Fadheela.