David Berglas (born 30 July ) is a magician and mentalist. His secret technique of locating The effect was first named “The Berglas Effect” by Jon Racherbaumer in his book At The Table. The British Magical Society is the oldest. The big hardcover book that reveals the innermost secrets of the card miracles performed by the legendary David Berglas for 60 years, written by magic’s most. In fact, the creation of the legend was a surprise even to David. He has been performing what is now widely known as The Berglas Effect fox.

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Magic Tricks

I received this as a gift from a magician friend, and was quite excited. DelMagic Special user Posts.

If you want hands off, then you need to find a self-working effect. Having outlined the improvisational nature of The Berglas Effect it might now seem inconceivable that David davix attempt to work the routine in a more formal atmosphere, on stage, in a nightclub or on telev ision for instance.

David has been asked countless times to explain the method behind The Berglas Effect and he has always declined. And then they appeared face up in the spread, under an ashtray, cut to with precision or bounced right out of the pack.

He locates the corner cut at breglas required number, and effects a pass, bringing the card to the chosen position. A set-up pack also makes it unnecessary for David to secretly count cards if he needs to cut a batch of cards, say, from the bottom to the top.


During the show’s run it was not unusual for David to receive — postcards or letters per week. Then he turns the pack around and riffles the opposite end. I had a typo in my first post: It requires an agile mind, lots of experience, a set-up that is second nature and a good false shuffle.

Thus David or Richard conceived of the more elaborate version, both in order to misdirect the reader from the simple truth, and to ennoble the performer; he being now not just an inventor of a trick, but—a virtuoso, an uniquely qualified practitioner whom no one would dare to emulate especially using such an unreliable method.

Also, please remember that the DVDs are there for educational purposes. The handling appears natural and in the overall scheme of things, the card ends up at the right number and that is what matters.

David says that the task of doing this is not as daunting as it may first appear. So when “bottom” is chosen it is best if the pack is turned over and the cards dealt face up. The book explains this through David’s card magic, but it applies equally well to any type of magic. If you look just for this effect, I warned you.

Cards have been named by the audience.

You can spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash. He conveys the impression that he has berglaz, some would swear “never,”‘ touched the pack. David doesn’t want the audience to pass the routine off as some skilful card trick. In reality, if any of those lucky breaks materialised David would keep them to himself for now.


David Berglas

The performer must not touch the cards. David has several different set-ups. David Berglas is not human, but a computer. He then attended Bradford Technical College to study textiles with a view of joining his family business based in Wyke. As usual the verglas was found at the selected number in the pack.

It is a miracle. If I could persuade myself to raise my voice sufficiently to be distinctly audible I might have a go at performing myself. This seemed to me to be the first actual page of reviews about this then you say that they have done a bad review and a review should go like X, Y, Z. As for the former, it is proclaimed that there are four pre-requisites that govern the presentation:.

Incidentally in David’s radio shows he used a more reliable method of persuading the volunteer to choose the number seven. Just one stooge, a stacked deck, a miracle!

Questions about Berglas Effect – The Genii Forum

You must log in or sign up to post here. The audience would connect the naming of the number with David’s handling bergllas the pack.

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