WHAT IS KNOWLEDGE REPRESENTATION? .. CRCP. Centre for Reflective Community Practice. DOM. Document Object Model. DTD. The Center for Reflective Community Practice () know what they know, emphasizing how things are made as much as what is made. but also documentation of the process: the steps along the way, the struggles they. Reflective Community Practice (), and was a model for future We recommend that you print out this document on three-hole punch paper and .. What is the caterer’s educated estimate on total costs for food, rentals and staff for .

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Memoirs are autobiographical in nature, but are much more personal and reflective. Participants must find these materials useful if they are to value them. The process begins with the definition of the general purpose for which the knowledge to be generated will be used.

Participants set aside their inquiry question and step back into their past by reflecting on their experience and identifying important events that represented critical shifts, either positive or negative, in this experience. CMR leads groups through a reflective process that helps participants step back from their experiences, review their understanding of those experiences, and draw lessons that they can use to improve their future actions or work.

She presented her 2nd grade portfolio with this story at the National Educational Computing Conference in Seattle into a round of applause.

The example below was recorded in a hotel room in San Antonio, the night before our presentation at the National Educational Computing Conference in Instead, I would emphasize that learner identity is inherent, but that “voice” is an expression of that innate identity, and hence a product of good communication skills. Most ePortfolios today are digital paper: Reflection can help us make sense of these changes. Catherine Howell provided this commentary on the integration of digital stories in response to this paper.


Digital Stories in ePortfolios: Multiple Purposes and Tools

This is Victoria’s fourth story in this collection; this one was recorded in 6th Mig. A digital story could provide the final evidence of a project-based learning activity, especially if digital pictures are captured as part of the experience. Home What is your context? CRCP documents the discussions in a variety of ways: The CMR process traditionally consists of four steps; however, those four steps can be adapted to meet the specific needs of a group.

Deadlines and Manners Chart

I believe that rhetoric and style are essential to the exploration and full expression of identity. What is Digital Storytelling? Organizational learning efforts in particular when personal mastery and mental models need to be stimulated. The facilitator re-introduces the top inquiry question that the group identified in step 2, and asks the participants to select the critical moments that, if analyzed in greater detail, would help them answer their top inquiry question.

Of course, the speed of the Internet connection will influence the quality of the experience. I have been exploring the many uses of digital stories in electronic portfolios.

Only in second grade could you summarize a life in one minute! Digital Stories can humanize any model of ePortfolio using any type of ePortfolio tool. If you have examples that you would mkt to share, send me a link and an e-mailgiving permission to post the link edk this page. A digital story could provide another approach that allows learners to record their voice, speaking or reading out loud at different stages of development, demonstrating growth over time.

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This methodology is based on the idea that learning begins with the examination of actual experiences and perspectives on those experiences.

critical_moments [kstoolkit]

The rccp that I have are the three snapshots of my granddaughter’s development over three years, as shown in other areas on this page. Here is an electronic portfolio with digital video clips from Kindergarten through High School. Where I have examples of digital stories, I have provided web links.

Because the critical moments time line often sheds new light on the experience, the group participants often slightly revise their inquiry question at this point to reflect any new learnings or revelations as a group, whatix then select the critical moments that, upon further analysis, would edi implications for their revised inquiry question. Other ways to document the process while interacting with participants are: No Ideas was the first digital story created by my daughter a clever approach.

The story types described above are constructed as part of the portfolio development process of reflection.

Deadlines and Manners Chart

In Dadwe took 45 minutes of recorded narrative and selected only four minutes. Selecting critical moments for further analysis. There are an emerging group of tools that are server-based, where the software exists online, not requiring the software be installed on a personal computer.