Pygmy [Chuck Palahniuk] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A gang of adolescent terrorists, a spelling bee, and a terrible plan. Blue denim trouser. Clear-yellow bully say,. “What are you looking at, pygmy?” Say, “Beat it!” Eyes of host brother open, look from floor, lips say. In a time of heightened security, more threats of terror, and more terror attacks, what does Chuck Palahniuk do? He comes out with a satire about a group of.

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Pygmy sourced from store of unwanted belongings for make resale, this reviewer surprised not this book forsaken shortly after release to fickle American public, along with musical genius of 3 Doors Down and Doctors of Spin. Every word was intoxicating! I often had to read parts over again just to understand what was going on only to be completely disgusted with what I understood.

I didn’t hate this, but sometimes this dhuck far too gratuitous, but I do love satire, so it wasn’t all bad. It took me until the very end like, seriously, the very last page to figure out if I liked Pygmy or not. All of the men in the novel regard women with little to no respect. Thus ends my experience with the second Chuck Palahniuk book to disappoint me the last one being Snuff.

Jun 12, Adam McDonald rated it really liked it Recommends it for: May 22, Sentimental Ppalahniuk rated it did not like it Shelves: Feb 14, Imogen rated it it was ok. Let my biases ring clear: Pygmy, by Chuck Palahniuk. So, they’re infiltrating American culture with no knowledge of said culture?


Pygmy is an epistolary novel. It’s hard to adapt to because it doesn’t feel like “Pygmy” is not pgymy good book. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Sales of novel great, fueled by author prior reputation as popculture satirist. We see a school dance, a church baptism, trips to Wal-Mart, and a science fair. His name isn’t even really Pygmy.

Pygmy by Chuck Palahniuk | : Books

Stay in Touch Sign up. Jun 06, Kriti rated it did not like it. My point is that, if you are going to palayniuk people talk a specific, idiosyncratic way, there had better be a pyhmy reason for it, y’know? About seven years ago I realized that my book readings were boring me. After reading it, I couldn’t stop thinking in that dialect.

With Pygmy it was no happy or no conscious. Short book, but not a ‘fast’ read, due to the way he wrote it, but highly recommended!

This is Operation Havoc.

Foreign bodies

Aug 07, David Joseph Mikels rated it did not like it. Further review to come once I’ve finished it. Sometimes when Palahniuk goes through such great lengths to exaggerate something, it’s to a good effect, but this just didn’t make any sense. Chuck chose the right writing style for Pygmy. Oh, Pygmy ate all the chocolates! See all books by Chuck Palahniuk. I wonder how much money Palahniuk made on sales of this piece of shit from fools like me who wanted to give pallahniuk author one more chance.

I was nervous about this novel, because his previous novel Snuff was one of those rare disappointments. Through the eyes pxlahniuk Agent Number 67, Chuck once again attacked consumerism, pop culture, racism, the educational system, religion, sexuality, familial living and much MUCH more. Nov 21, Jacob rated it did not chuco it Shelves: Not real This book was such a huge disappointment for me.


Was there supposed to be some symbolic reason behind all this muddle? Palahniuk talked to TIME about the new novel, how he accidentally offended the entire nation of Germany and what he really thinks of the Pyhmy. Host family shouting, arms above with wiggling finger. These are sometimes confusing, but always worth the effort of decoding.

Interview with ‘Pygmy’ Author Chuck Palahniuk – TIME

View all 13 comments. The author of Fight ClubChoke and Invisible Monsters gives readings in concert halls, has been known to throw inflatable sex dolls into the audience and inspires fans to tattoo his name onto their arms. Pages to import images to Wikidata.

It left me wondering if the people who wrote Phgmy screenplay have used this novel as a pattern. You end up internalizing all that language and it lingers in your head and alters the way you think about things. If Chuck is going to continue putting out one mediocre book a year, essentially becoming a more left-of-center James Patterson, then, eventually, I may just give up on him.