Oceans of Fire (Sea Haven / Drake Sisters, book 3) by Christine Feehan – book cover, description, publication history. When I see Christine Feehan’s name, I immediately think of her I found Oceans of Fire to be just that and didn’t miss the vampires at all. Buy a cheap copy of Oceans of Fire book by Christine Feehan. The third daughter of seven in a magical bloodline, Abigail Drake was born with an affinity for.

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Abigail closed her eyes and turned away from him. You go on ahead and get what you have to get done, and I’ll take care of Abbey.


I am fascinated by the written word and I love storytellers. They are such intelligent, feegan animals. Second; there are not a lot of nerves in the uterus, so unlikely.

May 04, D. Yet, all of the pages devoted to each of these characters was somehow effective and I feel invested in their futures and curious at the ocenas time. Her gaze collided with a pair of midnight blue eyes, black with ice-cold rage. A party fishing boat was tied up as usual beside the restaurant. I think there are times when you love someone so much that they can tear a hole in your heart and you cannot survive unless you get some distance away from that person.

Say it once, maybe five times—tops! The bullet must have skimmed him just as one had sliced across her. His hands were raised in surrender. Several other dolphins og their heads out of the water, spy-hopping as they looked toward the wharf.

She nodded feehzn helped roll so they could look at the back of her legs and shoulder. Tears blurred her vision.

Hannah and Joley and Elle were often conduits for power, but never Abigail.


She had to hurry, had to get to Gene. She knew better than to dive alone. She heard the sirens fast approaching. The speedboat was beside her own vessel and the dire with the plaid shirt leaned in to grab something, before shoving off out toward chrisrine sea. Also, I loved the adorably naive notion that a grown woman can earn a living by going around the world swimming with dolphins and be ‘a scientist’.

It promotes sisterhood which too me is all important and advances the idea that we are allowed to have fun. With all of that going on there is a murder investigation going on in the mist. This audiobook can be listened to on: View all 3 comments. Gene had taken her out in his boat often and told her tales of the sea. I kind of feel sorry for the men in their lives, because that aspect is probably really weird to someone not used to it. He was clicking and squawking, pushing at her in urgency.

Which he almost did. Something scraped down the back of her leg as the dolphin pulled her through the water.

Her sisters would be very worried and she was in for a lecture she knew she deserved.

What I liked about it; Christine Feehan’s writting, I just like her style, her descriptiveness, her obsession with Russian men makes me giggle and the action scenes she weaves around her Russian men are always engrossing. Aleksandr leaned over her. This is Abby book who works with dolphins and the water. As she reached down to get the stranger, she was horrified to see blood on the dolphin. Abby and Alexsandr must work together to find the people responsible for the murder, keep everyone in Sea Haven safe including Abby’s six sisters and meddling Aunt Carol and struggle to get past the painful history of their failed relationship.

I’ve started to listen to the Drake Sisters series and it’s enjoyable but the stories are all extremely predictable.


Oceans of Fire by Christine Feehan

Great story What made the experience of listening to Oceans of Fire the most enjoyable? I love how the characters were introduced and so were their homelands with such description you could feel their longing for home, but not so much that it was an overload of information.

Sarah is very mature and protective. Elle’s book is coming out the end of June and I don’t see it available on audio chirstine.

Oceans of Fire

She heard the muffled explosion, a pop, pop, pop that Abigail knew would forever haunt her. Abbie and her Sasha have touched my heart with their story. Murder, intrigue, Feegan mob, Interpol spies, second chances, love, romance, magic, mystical powers, family, secrets, danger……from the moment Abigail Drake finds herself and witness to a murder whilst swimming with dolphins and meeting up with a Rus We return to the magical world of the Drake Sisters Oceans of Fire is the 3rd book in the enchanting Drake Sisters Series written by one of my most favorite PNR authors, Christine Feehan.

Despite this continuation of the theme I enjoyed the story, especially the use of magic and the feeling of sisterhood that ran through the book.

We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. The normally docile sand and leopard oof were aroused by the scent of blood. There were things I loved about this book, but it was a bit of a slow read. Item s unavailable for purchase. He’s a stone-cold killer who turns his wrath on those who deserve it.