Blue Djinn of Babylon (Children of the Lamp (Paperback)) [P. B. Kerr, Philip Kerr] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From acclaimed thriller. Best-selling author P.B. Kerr wowed readers with The Akhenaten Adventure (RB # ), the first entry in his critically acclaimed Children of the Lamp fantasy. The Blue Djinn of Babylon is the second novel in the Children of the Lamp series written by British author P. B. Kerr. John and Philippa Gaunt, twelve-year-old.

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The book earned a place on the New York Times Best Seller list for children’s books and received generally babylob reviews. Some of the teh points were, well I like fantasy so I thought that magic people would suit my interest. Although some of the coincidences in the series are too good to be true, it wonderful that Kerr inserts many exotic locations and tidbits about customs in foreign countries and cultures. The Children of the Lamp series is definitely one of our all time favorites.

Pokoknya buku ke-2 ini lebih seru! Der zweite Teil der “Kinde des Dschinn” ist auf jeden Fall viel besser als der erste und hat mir diesmal wirklich Freude gemacht. But when something needs actually to be done, you look for a woman. I have a hard decision: Quotes from The Blue Djinn of She attracts the attention of some of the enemy tribes of djinn, as well as the notice of the Blue Djinn of Babylon, who is on the lookout for her replacement. John sets out to rescue Philippa with the help of childern uncle Nimrod, one-armed chauffeur Mr.

This, the second entry in the “Children of the Lamp” series, stands on its own, but I think it’s better to start with the first djin, The Akhenaten Adventure. Great adventure series that’s just plain FUN! The Children of the Lamp series I’ve “read” book one and book two on audio-book This chilsren is about the book. Blue Jin itu selalu perempuan yah, jin aladin pasti palsu!

Trivia About The Blue Djinn of The author doesn’t treat childrens’ imagination djinnn though they are idiots as many other writers can and understands that kids can follow intertwining story lines with ease. My favourite part in this book was either the part with the king and the wish laml or the part where view spoiler [Alan and Neil hide spoiler ] come back – I was so happy!!!!!


It turns out that Solomon’s Grimoire is not missing, but instead was being used as a trap for Philippa. Dec 09, Sabrina rated it it was ok Shelves: Sign In Don’t have an account? He enters the palace and finds Philippa.

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Followed by The Cobra King of Kathmandu. They escape and leave Iratovum. During a tournament, Philippa is unfairly accuse Od this second book about djinn twins John and Philippa, Gaunt, they face some hard choices, such as when to use djinn powers and when not.

Now the mystery surrounding a powerful book of djinn magic lures the twins straight into their next extraordinary adventure. John and Izaak must delay the news while watching Philippa djonn the Djinnverso final. Philippa asks why the Blue Djinn is always a woman and Ayesha responds, ” Because on earth there is a universal law childten applies to both djinnkind and humankind.

The location is also the former Biblical Garden of Good and Evil, with a tree of logic that produces fruit and emits a scent which hardens one’s heart to emotional involvement and allows the Blue Djinn to dispense justice fairly. Only, the book isn’t really missing. Kerr, John made a decision to put his family first.

This book helped me in developing my talent in reading because when captivated by this book the urge to by more is going to come which results blur buyi This book by Philip. Another time that the theme bbylon demonstrated is when John goes into an extremely dangerous and unpredictable land to save his sister.

The Blue Djinn of Babylon

Strong characters and great locations continue, including a cameo by a famous king. Despite its few shortcomings, The Blue Djinn of Babylon is a great adventure story; just not the best in the series.

People who want to read about a risky, adventurous book should read this book. Retrieved from ” http: There are many other twists on originality throughout the book, for example there is a spooky ferryman, who would normally be a skeletal figure Charon stylebut in this book he is a copper automaton. This page was last edited on 13 Octoberat Den zweiten Teil fand ich jetzt sogar etwas besser als den ersten.


Knowing that the fate of the balance of good and bad luck is on the line, they eagerly accept. Overall I thought this was a good book, it was more original than the first, od many of the traditional parts of the stories came with twists. The book climaxes when John reaches the palace and manages to rescue Philippa. There was a good share of problems lampp this book like, at the beginning it was long and boring a I started to read this book about 3 weeks after school started and it all happened when my teacher Mrs.

In this second book about djinn twins John and Philippa, Gaunt, they face some hard choices, such as when to use djinn powers and when not. I absolutely loved this book! The Blue Djinn kidnaps Philippa after framing her for cheating in the tournament all for the greater goodand brings her to the ancient now underground city of Babylon.

Then John and Phillipa get on a train to meet Issac and Phillipa gets kidnapped. This book contains no profanity or inappropriate behavior. John and three companions must travel from Jordan to Babylon, modern day Iraq also one of the most dangerous countries in the worldto save his sister from a terrible fate, even worse than death.

But what they don’t know is that they are headed right into a trap, and when it’s sprung, it results in Philippa’s abduction.

Fun, light fantasy geared for children around age 8-mid teens. There are moments of peril and at one point someone is tested with killing someone who may or may not be their father. John accidentally turns Virgil’s son Finlay into a falcon and they leave as fast as they came.