LILY • Glazed Porcelain Origin: Italy Colors: Carbone • Pergamena • Madreperla • Optical Sizes: 50x50in Shades & Textures: Light #lily #glazed #porcelain #italy. Consult Cerdomus Ceramiche’s entire LILY catalogue on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/ Where to buy Lily collection tiles by Cerdomus Ceramiche. Ceramic.

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Italian Ceramic tiles are very well know. Emilia Romagna being the main region of production Modena, Ravenna and so on. The color is very beautiful, I really like earthy colors. Dearest Daniela, Our bathrooms, hallway, kitchen, veranda, staircase area and laundry room all have Italian tiles and now also on the balcony. In the Rose Suite we got tiles from Spain. Earthly colors never tire the eye.

We love the color too! Dearest Linda, Thank you, we both love it. Hugs and happy weekend! Dearest Mariette, wonderful tiles, it looks really nice! Happy weekend to you, Love and hugs Claudia.

Dearest Claudia, We both love the way our balcony looks now and it will be gorgeous ones the balusters are on again. Happy and sunny weekend to you! Bonne fine de semaine, Mariette. Liebe Irmi, Wenn dieser Sommer vorbei ist dann sind wir bestimmt auch fertig mit alle Arbeit Na ja es ist geschafft und das braucht man nur einmal. De kleur lijkt op onze tegels op het terras, I vind het zo’n Italiaans gevoel geven dat terra. Alleen de bijbehorende zon en warmte ontbreekt hier een beetje Zo’n Italiaanse sfeer of ook wel Caribisch met een mengeling van Spaans.

Je kunt het gras niet eens meer maaien, alleen het voorste stuk. Maar ook dit overleven we weer! Fijn weekend en liefs, Mariette. Liebe Ruth, Ja, dasjenige von Gegende wo mann gelebt und gearbeitet hat, das nimmt man mit und umringt sich damit zu hause.

Cerdomus Tiles – CHEAPERFLOORS

Exotischen Blumen und Fliessen aus Italien wo wir in der Gegend von Venedig gearbeitet und gewohnt haben. Den Grund war diesmal um alles mehr dauerhaft zu machen; ohne Wartung. Your balcony looks beautiful with new tiles. It’s always better to go green. And it’s wonderful that people in Europe are very conscious of environment and you stay so ljly matter where you live! Dearest Tamago, That’s exactly why I felt so at home while being in Japan; so close to the Dutch way of going green!

No air-conditioning running in the bus while it is parked stationary etc. It all makes so much sense and here they cool way too deep if you go to a conference you are freezing. Wearing evening gowns with goosebumps and what an energy waste! It is the way you have always lived that you continue to live. We’re not such impulsive waste-creators. We think twice or even trice before purchasing anything.


Always trying to recycle, repurpose or even upcycle. Driving energy conscious Japanese cars and so lliy. It looks like more people start thinking green as the high costs and bad economy makes them think twice. We have another terrible wet day. I still have to do some tile cleaning but they are either wet or you get rained out Enjoy your wet weekend.

When I go back to my hometown in Japan, I feel it’s getting greener.

I think household waste is very strictly controlled. For example, separating label and cap from plastic bottle and put them in separate bin is one of the basic things. There is xerdomus thing called green curtain, which is made of climbing plants to cover outside the window.

It helps keep the temperature down inside the house. I thought it was pretty neat: I hope you got some sunshine, too! Oh, in The Netherlands and also in Germany they do separate the household waste very strict like that for decades already.

Here locally they did separate the glass by color, years ago, then they quit because it was too costly. We were shocked as from then on they ALL trash it together; no recycling – nothing. You never do this for profit but for passing on a livable planet to the next generations Today we had some rain late in the day. Yesterday was the worst rain we ever saw; all three bridges over our creek were in the water – not yet under water but it got scary. The aluminum roof and open gutters have kept our basement dry however!

We’re so glad we invested wisely and it already paid of big time. Happy Sunday evening xox. Ti auguro una serena domenica con il tuo Peter! Grazie e anche cerdimus due una domenica bella con sole.


I adore this warm color, it’s really excellent and will have a great effect I think. Warm cerdoomus Mariette and thank you for your very kind words. Dearest Olympia, Thank you for your visit cerxomus sure you did like these mediterranean tiles as they are your own regions common patio tiles. How much I loved your little daughter’s ballet performance!

You have such a cerddomus for beauty Enjoy your Sunday afternoon. Dearest Mariette, The cerdomus concept video are here is how does the excellence and Pietra had basik dome Toyota Rav4. I has Honda Prelude both of made in Japanese cars too. Green tile Recycling Recycling Repurposing Upcycling you do have cerdomus Italian Green tiles just suit with fantastic idea for very nice. Hugs to both of you. Dearest Michiko, Yes you are right about going green often going hand in hand with nice looks.


So my Japanese car is two years older than yours But they are built by a good concept.

Lily oltremare SR

Hugs to you and hope your weekend was good. Your balcony now looks very beautiful, Mariette! The tiles are gorgeous and it is also very nice that they are ‘green’. I love that your little car is still going strong, too! I am looking forward to seeing the house all llily It must be beautiful! Dearest Karen, Thank you, yes the tiles are ‘green’ but wet with all the rain here.

Funny that both of us drive such a favorite car and why get rid of it?

You will see more and more of the house revealed. Hugs to you, Mariette. E di questo ti ringrazio Mariette, vedere quanto ami il mio paese mi fa un immenso piacere.

Hai ottenuto un ottimo risultato, complimenti. Cara Paola, La ringrazio molto per le tue parole dolci. Siamo entrambi molto a belle e anche preziose cose dall’Italia per avere per in e intorno alla nostra casa. Portiamo nei nostri cuori che amore fino alla fine Lieve Mariette, Wat gaat het bij jullie rondom het huis toch prachtig uitzien,kan me al een beetje voorstellen hoe het terras er uit gaat zien met nieuwe balustrade. Ook veel van mijn bloempotten in de tuin komen daar vandaan,kunnen in de winter buiten blijven staan en zijn goed bestand tegen de vorst.

Dankjewel nog voor de lieve felicitatie,de jarige is met vakantie in Hongarije, http: Lieve Ger, Ja, wij kunnen het ons ook al wel voorstellen Terra cotta tegels zijn altijd erg mooi en warm. Jullie hebben dan wel heel veel geluk gehad om zulke oude klooster plavuizen te kunnen gebruiken! Hard gebakken bij zulke hoge temperaturen is altijd meer vorst bestendig en ook meer resistent tegen breuk.

Geweldig een vakantie in het westen van Hongarije; dat is genieten. Carissima Ayu, Davvero, amo tutte cose Italiane, sono robe buone. Un bacione grande e speriamo tutto va bene con voi due. Dear Mariette,those Italian tiles,look gorgeous!! I like the colour!!!