CCDStack’s easy to use interface gives you all the controls you need to quickly process Manual alignmentfprovides full manual control over shift, rotation, and . Of the myriad programs available today for processing CCD images, CCDStack 2 is the choice of many seasoned imagers due to its intuitive. In creating master frames, CCDStack does not have a median combine, but A cursory look at the instruction manual for CCDStack seems to.

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I am so impressed with CCDStack not only because it is powerful but it is comprehensible. Bob Fera shoots the night sky from his backyard observatory under the dark skies of Northern California.

The red spots on the image above are flagged to be rejected in a stack of 10 images. Load all you images in a stack and perform operations to all your images at once. Membership gives you access to the library of videos for that content and, in general, instant access to any new videos that are uploaded. The main categories are accessible from the menu on the left. Improve your deep-sky images with this innovative program. Adam Block is something like the Bob Ross of astrophotography with these videos.

Adam Block Studios: Instruction in Astrophotography

M data consisted of 12 5-minute luminance exposures all taken in one session with dithering being the only source of misalignment.

On this website you will find instructional videos and other materials on a handful of subjects including PixInsight, Photoshop, and CCDStack. Alignment was performed on two sets of images: This means that you are free to experiment with multiple combinations without permanently corrupting the original image data. CCDStackt is compatible with both bit and bit version of Windows. More than a step-by-step manual- Adam encourages you to think about image processing in new and exciting ways.


Learn how your comment data is processed. View a streaming overview of how CCDStack simplifies astronomical image processing.

Then all images were aligned with each of the methods described above. In the Adjust Display control window, simply move the DDP slider to the left and right to adjust your image, or change the background and maximum level display. CCDStack provides all the tools you need for your image processing workflow: This was manuxl to stress the alignment tools both in number of images and in size of misalignment.

One additional test was done on the globular cluster, M, I doubled the image size before Mira alignment and then after combining ccdsyack images reduced it by a factor of 0. CCDStack allows you ccdstackk adjust DDP scaling, sharpening and level adjustments in real-time without making changes to the underlying data. For instance, You can remove hot and cold pixels, reject blooms and perform a STD sigma reject on the stack.

Pixinsight Fundamentals These are the core lessons that will teach you how to use PixInsight with skill.

Image Processing with CCDStack 2

If you are a beginner, you will become a pro at using Layers and Masks. After calibration, aligning your sub-exposures is easy in CCDStack 2. Tool Strips Configurable buttons for quick execution of common tasks.

Web Application Powered by: There is no magic- but the deep understanding and practiced good decisions he demonstrates will certainly improve your own endeavors. Once completed, you can then combine the stack using sum, mean or median.

Your stack size is only limited by the amount of memory you have in your machine.


Once your images are loaded up in this stack, processing can be performed on your images as one group of data. I found that the stars were sharper when the alignment was done in Mira Pro. This is really a masterpiece of software! It mates perfectly with Photoshop CS5 and CS6 and is well organized logically in a perfect workflow expressed in common terms.

This site is designed to let you visit all of the pages and see the content of the videos even without being a member. In manua to watch the videos, you will need to become a member for that particular subject. Pixinsight Horizons This ever-growing collection ccdshack videos demonstrates the power of PixInsight through an artist’s eyes.

Award Winning Astrophotography Known World-wide. One Shot Color Example. The resulting mean images were then all loaded into both of the versions of CCDInspector identified above and measured.

FFT is an automatic registration that does not rely on stars. Finally since this was a globular and since better alignment should benefit an image of stars greatly I decided to test another method that has been discussed on imaging forums. New innovations and solutions to common problems are found ccxstack. These images were selected to see what effect better starting alignment of the images would have and what effect smaller numbers of images would make mamual the results.

Authored Works Authored Works. Enjoy the artistry of the Cosmic Canvas.