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The reasons for Mutatio winning over the critics and casual design aficionados alike are not too hard to imagine. The directive on product safety1which came into force on January 15,creates the same conditions in all EU member states and standardises the safety requirements relating to products. Useful chute system for quick and easy dispensing. High-performance halogen automotivad lamps and their alternatives.

The picture on the back shows which lamp should go where. The article number is used to order a particular consumer unit, so it basically corresponds to the old order number. It philils be stocked as required supplied empty. Daytime running light considerably reduces the risk of accidents.

A – Catalogo PDF Valpec 2013

It takes up very little space so it can be placed directly on the counter or next to the cash register. OSRAM also supports retailers with training and advertising activities.

To meet our obligations arising from this directive, we provide information regarding our products on the products themselves, on the packaging and on the leaets enclosed with the products. Why build a relevant sales force for Philips?

As a company with great environmental awareness, OSRAM not only complies with the statutory bans on dangerous substances but also avoids or at least minimises the use of those substances that are harmful to the environment but are still permitted. It covers the demands that we place catalofo the nished products, components and parts, and also the requirements for optimising our processes and organisation. They are clearly arranged and identied with the relevant core statements so your customers can easily nd what they are looking for.


With the car lamp kit, you can easily x defects yourself. Real eye-catcher thanks to attractive design. The exclusivity and excellent quality of these lamps result in high levels of customer loyalty, which in turn translates into considerable long-term sales potential.

EAN ALBMThe H7 kit contains one H7 headlight lamp as well as the ve lamps and three fuses listed above H7 Main halogen headlight lampAlways the right lamp to hand. Their uniform light and a light beam up to 40 m longer enable dangers to be seen much sooner and give drivers valuable extra time in which to react. Wim van GilsJanuary 24, 2. As far as you are concerned, this means that you should now wutomotivas the EAN code instead catalovo the old order number in all orders, enquiries and so on.

How to build a relevant sales force? In our modern society we now work and play outside normal daylight hours. Philips Outdoor UK Documents. Twice as bright, twice as long. Successor tosimple replacement. These are benets that will have your customers coming back for more. The ideal family of lamps for active drivers. The higher the temperature of this black body radiator the greater the blue component in the spectrum and the smaller the red component.

OSRAM also organises sales competitions and provides support in the form of end consumer activities and exclusive product campaigns. Published on Jun View 1.

Improper use in vehicles may make the vehicle illegal and therefore not covered by insurance. OSRAM is the world number one in automotive lighting. The cabinet holds up to lamps and has a chute system for quick and easy dispensing.


OSRAM also has impressively effective marketing strategies and excellent sales logistics, providing the ideal platform from which retail partners can maximise their sales potential and increase their prot margins. New development for simple lamp replacement and highly efcient headlights; supplied on request.

Its innovative arc technology puts conventional sutomotivas lamps rmly in the shade. OSRAM invests a sizeable proportion of its revenue in the development of new products so that partner workshops and retailers can enjoy continued success in the ercely contested vehicle lamp market.

Amber lamps for clear indicators. The DUO boxes remind customers to replace the lamps in pairs. The label tells you what the kit contains, together with technical data.

A – Catalogo PDF Valpec

With its optimised packaging solutions, OSRAM is making a signicant contribution to rising sales among its retail partners. OEM quality at a good price. Each blister pack has pictograms that are understood throughout the world to indicate all the benets and technical data.

Special services for retailers. Philips has a lot of competitive weapons Modern bluish-white light up to K, similar to light from xenon lamps. Cool light, strong effect. Philips lirio Documents. Perfectly matched to OEM automotive requirements. Hardly surprising then that just about every major international car manufacturer equips its vehicles with OSRAM lamps at the factory.

Meets the strict quality requirements of German car manufacturers.

Features at a glance.