Carry the One by Carol Anshaw – Hailed as “beautifully observed” (The New York Times) and “a brilliant feat of storytelling” (The Boston Globe), Carol Anshaw’s. Carol Anshaw’s ‘Carry the One’ is a sharp and arresting work about the intersecting lives of three siblings. Such is the experience on opening Carol Anshaw’s moving and engaging new novel, “Carry the One.” Within a chapter it’s clear that Anshaw.

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Sadly, the really good sex seems mostly reserved for the women.

The book continues with the main characters over a 25 year period and what happens in their lives through the shadow of their one night of “fun”. A brilliant feat of storytelling. This book is that kind of pearl. Caro, was a quick read, but time well spent. There is an artist who paints a se Either Goodreads is going to have to add more star-giving-capabilities, or I will have to go and undo many 5 star ratings I caorl given, reconsidered in comparison with this book. In hindsight, it probably was not the best idea they had ever had to drive that night in a drunken drug induced haze but they did.

In fact, guys in general do not fare so well under Tye gaze. The siblings are carefully observed and vibrate with veracity. Folk singer Tom hitches along, and off they drive into the night, where they’re all too stoned, drunk or preoccupied to see year-old Casey Redman stray into the path of their car. I was expecting a deeply involved novel that did carry the victim throughout the pages.

Be sure to check out other opinions on Carry The One But Anshaw ansjaw primarily on Carmen, Nick, and Alice. Because of the accident, we’re not just separate numbers.

Carry the One

More from the web. They are free to make poor decisions because the past has somehow bound them to it. Onne follows is 25 years chasing penance, with plenty of disappointments. And the effects were sometimes subconscious for the characters, which is much more interesting to think about anyway? These chronological jumps are not quantified, but the beginning of one section echoes the end of the last, layering story over story.


Carry the One by Carol Anshaw: review

I struggled with the timeline of the book and the jumping back and forth between characters and events. Sorry I a paid for it and sorry I had to give it a one star rating but there was no zero. I would not have finished this book znshaw for abshaw being a book club pick, although two other book club members did find it too boring to actually finish! I also liked the way the author started many new chapters in a much later time period.

I began reading the book and it showed cqrol promise, however; the book became quickly bogged down for me. I hate to use the word disappointed, but that is what sums this one up for me. Alice paints and searches for love, but that is no different from what was happening prior to the accident.

I really thought this book was going to show how one struggles to move on when the unthinkable happens and I really thought the center of the book was going to be about the little girl, Casey. Her strong attitudes were present throughout the story, and I found them to be heavy handed, not entertaining at all.

The emotionally charged descriptions of her varry are refreshingly frank. As Nick said to Alice Better yet Anshaw uses this work to do typical conservative bashing.

Carmen’s marriage to Matt doesn’t last, maybe because of the guilt associated with the wedding night accident or more likely because he starts an affair with the teenage babysitter.

My book group just read another book set in Chicago, but so many of the details were wrong that we found it very distracting. Larry H Jennifer wrote: Carry the One by Carol Anshaw is an unusual Novel. We see different reactions in the novel – a hopeless despair, a furious need to get it out of the system and a need to compensate with steadiness. The first thing that stood out to me about this book was the absolute skill of the writer – the subject matter is a hard one, and she manages to narrate the story is a detached manner, but the prose is just gorgeous!


But that’s a quibble. What keeps the book engrossing is Anshaw’s writing. The story follows the three siblings—Carmen, a new bride and housewife; Alice, a lesbian artist; and Nick, a stoner and wantabe astronomer—as they put their lives back together and attempt to maneuver through the mine field of cwrol and self-loathing brought on by the accident. Carmen and Alice’s lives are more likely shaped by their self-centered bully of a carpl and detached and ineffectual mother.

carry the one | carol anshaw

Nick, on the other hand, clearly self destructs from that moment on. Bad parenting, ruins their lives. This book is filled with complex characters with complicated relationships to each other.

Alice, to her thrilled astonishment, has been taken to a back bedroom by Matt’s sister Maude and now lies underneath her, naked, being thoroughly ravished.

The premise of the book does not follow through because even in the first few pages, the accident is not a ansuaw and is a result of decisions made. Her death will follow these people for the rest of their lives.

The stories are woven together, although the book felt more like a series of short stories rather than a novel. Want to Read saving…. However, it is only Olivia who receives a jail sentence. The Social Worker who works for battered women yet can’t forgive her mother for staying in an abusive relationship. Also, as a Chicago resident, I had to come give you particular praise for getting the city details so right. Nick disguising the booze on his breath with wintergreen breath freshener, so thick it’s like “talking to someone in a Norwegian forest”.

No one notices the young girl until it is too late. The story starts with a bang, and the first thirty pages are riveting, but then I began to have issues with the writing and the characters.