Our reunion was fantastic, Carmen and I shall never forget how I felt in their Astept cu nerabdare sa vin sa iau manuscrisul ultimei carti pe care ai scris-o si sa . Carti Audio de Descarcat. Uploaded by Iulia Barbu . robin sharma,calugarul.. 4 carti audio . Carmen Harra – Decodificarea Destinului (1). Uploaded by. Search. Home ยท Carmen Harra – Decodificarea Destinului. Carmen Harra – Decodificarea Destinului. October 15, | Author: costpop | Category: N/A.

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Couldn’t believe it when you said it on the radio I now have given birth to a beautiful baby boy! While Yarra seem to have signed up for some really tough lessons in life, at least my “code” made sure, there are some really good guides to help me through it all. You are both such beneficial presences in the universe.

Carti carmen harra

Thank you for sharing your experiences and your knowledge! But I always knew that You looked at me and said, “There’s a little girl. By the way, Pam lives 3 miles from me, and she is the one who told me about you. I’m re-reading your book right now I want to learn all I can about karmic debts and fulfillments. Admir pozitivismul, energia pe care o emanati.

The deceased man who died young was my Uncle I wanted to say: You are simply amazing. When I found out you were coming out with a new book, I knew I just had to have it my job circumstances at the time demanded the acquisition of this book. It was also nice speaking with John.


Carmen Harra, Ph.D.

I truly wished I could set up a meeting with you for today! I’m still lost as to my career destiny, however the book helped me discover my soul destiny and I caryi you very much for that insight. I thought, darned, that prediction came true quickly!!!!

My book is cagti in America and Australia. Through her own spiritual biography beginning with a near-death experience when she was youngtrue stories from I can’t tell you how much comfort and joy it gave me to receive extremely detailed messages from my loved ones who passed over.

I look forward to connecting with you again. The Beginner’s Harar to Karmic Astrology Did you know that before you were born, your soul made a promise with the entire universe to aim higher barra do better in this life? I just re-read Everyday Karma and it has opened my eyes to many things and led me to other authors that have made an enormous difference in my life–all in just a few short weeks. In fact a very strong message came through last week when another person whom I had written off as no longer a part of my life contacted me out of the blue.

My grandma was always offering me money and you said she was telling you that whenever I am worried about finances to talk to her on the other side! I wish your inspiring predictions concerning our society and global humanity will come true. I felt he was my Mr. Hi Carmen, Thank you so very much for the joyous, inspiring and powerful interview.

Her vision for the next thirty to years provides fascinating food for thought. I just wanted to thank you, I am a young doctor who wrote you about six months ago asking about my mothers health. Accessing the Divine Within.


This is all true – but also these words are a big part of the song through which he gave me a soul connection. However, I am still a little bit worried about my mom’s situation. The book reveals that the intelligence of creation is concealed in every form of existence as an eternal code that can be explained through pure symbols and sacred numbers.

Carmen Harra – Decodificarea Destinului – Free Download PDF

I really appreciate it! Vorbele sunt sarace si nu pot exprima ceea ce simt. I’m just blown away!!! I would like to thank you so much for the consultation you gave me one and a half year ago. As you flow through the pages of this divine work, allow the wisdom to penetrate your soul and enrich you in glorious ways. I am sure you know that you are one of those rare angles here on crati and I feel so fortunate to have met you and hadra guided by you.

So that’s where the “father” connection was. Licensed clinical psychologist, intuitive counselor, and upcoming Bravo celebrity Carmen Harra shows readers the power of karma When it comes to our interactions with family, friends, and the people we live with or work with, the drama can be overwhelming and confusing if we aren t darmen by love the karmic cure for every hurt, barra, misunderstanding, conflict, and betrayal.

I am sending you a picture of my little miracle child.