User guide • Read online or download PDF • Canon AF 35 ML User Manual • Canon Cameras. Camera manuals and free digital camera pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at ManualsOnline. This is a Canon AF35ML 35mm auto focus camera made by Canon in Manual The AF35ML’s manual shows an example of what you see.

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It has a comfortable and easy to hold body, runs on easy to find AA batteries, and when it works properly, shoots images that are sharp and beautifully rendered. I thought, if this one can do a good job, why not try another? Both cameras are limited in focusing on things in the very center of the frame. The shots on the expired Kodak are noticeably more grainy and a tad underexposed, but I will not fault the camera for that. As for the rest of the camera, the experience is very similar to that of the AF35M, so you can read that review for more specifics.

The worst part is that Canon had a more capable auto focus system that most likely would have done better on most of these shots. This is not a TTL Through the Lens camera, so you have to remember to take the lens cap off the camera before trying to use the camera.

Not even the one of the bar above. It still would run on two AA batteries, had a popup flash, and no manual control. The big issue here is the extremely disappointing auto focus system. Also similar between the two cameras is the center autofocus indicator. I have many more shots than just these 6 that were out of focus.


Neither camera has automatic parallax correction, instead you have a second set of parallax lines for composing at close focus. Page 20 of the manual describes a variety of situations in which the auto focus system might have trouble. I have no reason to indicate that anything is wrong with my particular example, but maybe there is.

Next Post Zeiss-Ikon Nettar That review can be found here. There is no reason the camera should have struggled with this shot. Some only slightly, but others were significantly out of focus. If it wasand I was in the market for an easy to use vacation camera that had a great lens and could take mankal guess work out of focusing, and I purchased this camera and seen these results, I would have not been happy.

I gave it a quick wipe down with some rubbing alcohol, loaded in some film, and took it with me on a family trip to Seattle. This was shot outdoors in bright sunlight with a moving subject.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Between the following 12 shots in this review, the film stock used was half fresh FujiColor and half expired Kodak Max When it arrived, I was pleased to see that it was at35ml great physical shape. Maybe you have to have only vertical lines, and no diagonal ones.

In the shot of the bicycles, I had the af355ml centered on the bikes near the back, yet none of them came out in focus. I figured that one of two things must be true here.

Canon AF 35 ML User Manual | 43 pages

Perhaps af53ml system helped keep costs low, or Canon really thought the system on the AF35M was unnecessary, but whatever the reason, Canon improved upon this camera with a larger and brighter lens, a larger and easier to use handgrip, but then crippled it with a less advanced auto focus system. I love the composition of these, and had I used a more capable camera, these could have been highlights of the roll. The Ferris wheel image has tons of vertical lines. You need to wait for the flash ready light to illuminate before taking a picture.

  IRAM 3604 PDF

My Thoughts When I first started collecting film cameras, my interest was limited to older, manual cameras.

The popup flash here still has a very long recycling time like the earlier model. Manuall, you have equally useless LED indicators on the left side of the frame.

Canon AF35ML instruction manual (original)

The image to the right shows the complete list of situations in which the AF sensor might have difficulty. Built-in Popup Flash Manual: The camera was completely automatic. This image was shot in shadows, but they were very brightly lit outdoor shadows. I did not get a single indoor shot in focus from the 2 rolls I shot in this camera.

Full Program CdS meter Battery: The landscape shot of the mountains at infinity also turned out nice. The images are consistently sharp in the center and around the corners.

I had no interest in these plastic point and shoot models from the s. As it turns out, using that camera was a pleasant experience, and once I saw the first shots from it, my fondness for it grew.